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Orange Hearts

ING employees come together on the Orange Hearts platform to share a part of their corporate time to solve social problems within the framework of our focus areas, especially climate and financial health, as well as to dedicate their expertise, time, or financial resources in social responsibility initiatives.

Employees who want to volunteer through Orange Hearts can apply for announced projects or propose their own projects. ING volunteers have so far contributed to the development of students with Orange Drops, supported children in need in different regions in collaboration with UNICEF, and participated in creating an audio book archive for the visually impaired in cooperation with the Bogazici University's Center for Technology and Education for the Visually Impaired (GETEM).

For the past 10 years, ING employees have continued to participate in a variety of initiatives under the Orange Hearts program and made voluntary contributions to the development of areas such as gender equality, financial literacy, environment, and digital literacy throughout the year.