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Our General Approach

Problems identified under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly climate change, inequality, economic underdevelopment, and violations of basic human rights pose threats to the future of our world and humanity. Sustainability invites individuals and organizations to work together and be part of the solution to address these issues and create real value in all areas of life. 

While all actors work to find solutions to these problems, the problems continue to grow and become more complex. Therefore, it is necessary for the business world to take action towards radical solutions and for banking, which is a pioneering sector, to lead this change. 

In this context, ING is one of the pioneers in the journey to develop the business world in a more holistic and responsible way, with a focus on people, nature, and the planet, moving beyond just economic growth. With the motto "Sustainability is at the heart of what we do" we work with all our might to build a sustainable future, particularly in terms of climate and financial health

In parallel with the ING Group, our mission involves leading the way towards defining ways of doing business that are respectful to the environment and society. Our company has a responsible stance towards building a livable future based on the goals we have set, with a focus on the environment and society.

At ING, we take great pride in our commitment to making a positive climate impact through strategic financing. Our ambitious goal is to achieve net-zero emissions for the most carbon-intensive aspects of our portfolio by 2050, which we proudly refer to as the TERRA approach. We are conducting our banking activities with a focus on sustainability through our TERRA approach. Under our TERRA approach, we work to ensure that the environmental and societal impacts of our operations and those of our customers are managed in a responsible manner as we actively use banking.

As a global organization, we have an opportunity to do more to offer a better future to all living beings on earth and to have an impact all over the world, and we are aware of our responsibilities. At ING, we also recognize that progress is always possible and that we can do more for our world.

So, what are we doing at ING Group and ING Türkiye to achieve a better future and a sustainable world?

  • Firstly, we focus on climate action.
    • At ING, we set an example by working towards net zero in our own operations. Our priority is to zero out our own carbon emissions, i.e. achieve our net zero goal. To this end, we transparently measure the impact of our operations on the climate and take steps to reduce and ultimately eliminate our carbon footprint. While investing in solutions that increase operational efficiency, we also use 100% renewable energy in our offices.
    • We also sustainably manage our procurement processes and act by conducting retrospective studies to offset our carbon emissions since 2007.
  • In order to achieve a sustainable future, we are doing our part in the necessary environmental and social transformation and direct our financing towards meeting global climate goals.
    • At ING, we provide financing for renewable energy projects worldwide through green loans and bonds to be used in sustainability-linked products.  Within the framework of our green future goals, we have completely ended support for projects such as new oil and gas fields that could increase carbon emissions and are now directing our portfolio towards low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen, carbon capture, and energy storage. In this way, we are fulfilling our responsibility in keeping global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees Celsius and aiming to reach net zero by 2050. 
o We strive to provide consulting and sustainable financing options for customers in Türkiye and worldwide who are seeking new ways to make their businesses more sustainable, setting sustainability criteria for financing requests, identifying necessary improvements, and supporting their implementation. 
  • In the framework of the program we have implemented and carry out together with ING Group for Corporate Banking customers in Türkiye, we offer our customers the advantageous ING Sustainable Business Loan and raise awareness in this field with sustainability-focused events. 
  • We make partnerships for a sustainable future.      
    • We recognize that no sector or bank can solve the world's problems alone. Therefore, we believe that an inclusive approach is the only way forward. In this context, we try to increase our impact by forming partnerships and collaborations on issues such as climate, human rights, and financial health. In the context of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) and the Paris Climate Agreement to which ING is affiliated, ING Türkiye works to contribute to the goal of keeping global temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius and carries out efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint.  In addition, ING Türkiye benefits from the global experience ING Group has gained through its membership in international organizations and the indices it is affiliated with.
    • We also offer a wide range of sustainability-linked products to empower our customers.
    • Financial support for major sustainable projects in Türkiye.

      In addition, we provide consulting and financing for sustainability efforts conducted by the public and private sectors in Türkiye, share our global expertise in sustainable finance  with the finance sector, and provide financial support for major sustainable projects in Türkiye.
  • We are working to improve financial health and inclusion.
    • To improve financial health, we focus on three areas: information, innovation, and participation. We educate our customers and the community to enable them to make better financial decisions. We introduce new savings tools that will help our customers make better financial decisions. We create partnerships and implement community investment projects to strengthen the financial health of society.

  • While promoting the protection of biological diversity and human rights in all our relationships, we manage associated environmental and social risks. While promoting the protection of biological diversity and human rights in all our relationships, we manage associated environmental and social risks.
  • While promoting the protection of biological diversity and human rights in all our relationships, we manage associated environmental and social risks.
  • We empower our employees to contribute to all these efforts through our "Environmental and Social Policies," which include commitments such as the ING Human Rights Statement and the ING Environmental Statement.