ING e-Orange Account

ING e-Orange Account

ING Orange Account 
is a savings account that accrues high overnight interest, and to and from which you can deposit and withdraw money anytime you want.

To start earning right away, please visit your nearest branch.

E-Orange Features

  • Welcome interest rate is valid for customers who have not opened an Orange Account before, valid for 12 months, with the validity period starting on the day the account is opened.
  • e-Orange account interest rates vary according to the market conditions. Prevailing welcome interest rate is valid for 12 months. The interest is accrued overnight.
  • After the welcome interest rate period, advantageous daily interest rates are applied.
  • There is no lower limit for opening an account.
  • e-Orange Account cannot be used through the branch. The related cost advantage is reflected on the customer as welcome interest rate.
  • EFT/Money Transfers can be made from e-Orange Account, however standing or automatic payment orders cannot be placed.
  • Money can be deposited to e-Orange Account through ATM's.
  • The interest rates are annual simple gross rates.
  • When money is deposited before 17.00 on weekdays, it starts accruing interest the same day.

How can I earn additional 2%?

  • Increase e-Orange Account Interest Rate with Orange Extra by 2% joining the Orange Extra Programme.
  • Spend 750 TRY with your ING Debit Card and next month you will receive an additional 2% in your Orange Accounts.