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Financial Health

Financial resources play an important role in helping people achieve their dreams and live a happy and healthy life. However, under current socio-economic conditions, money continues to be a source of stress for many people. Inability to meet needs and invest in the future also hinders the development of a healthy economy and social development.

At ING, we know that financial health is a fundamental right for individuals. Therefore, we develop products and services to help our customers and the communities in which we operate manage their financial resources in a healthy, efficient, and reliable way. Through these efforts, we become a solution partner in helping individuals overcome financial difficulties. We also support the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the inclusive goals related to economic growth (SDG 8) and reducing inequalities (SDG 10).  

We carry out our work in this area under three main headings: Promoting financial inclusion, managing daily finances, and planning for the future. In this context, we make sure that all our products and services are easily accessible, understandable, and available to everyone without exception. We use digital tools and solutions to support the proper and healthy management of money throughout all sectors of society. This includes our financial literacy initiatives, solutions for people with disabilities, and efforts to facilitate access to financial solutions for women and young people...

At the same time, we also offer customized products and services to help both individual and corporate customers manage their daily financial flows and use their money in the most healthy way. With campaigns and products such as the Orange Savings Account and Orange Extra, we provide access to the best services at the best rates. We also support our customers acquire healthy shopping habits and manage their debts.
At the same time, we offer innovative solutions to help our customers save and invest to achieve their dreams. We offer financial planning and consulting services with digital, smart solutions such as Advisor in my Pocket. 

We continue to work constantly to measure and improve the impact of all these efforts, always keeping in mind the financial health of individuals and community.