Orange Extra program members will gain more!

Orange Extra Members will gain more!

By making use of Orange Extra which offers numerous advantages for your shopping, you can;

- Gain an interest of 2% on your Orange Accounts,*

- Benefit from the cash refund advantages at your loan repayments.**

Orange Extra
Advantageous Loan

With interest rates starting from 0.99%
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to Orange Accounts
%2 Additional Interest Rate

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with Orange Extra

  • Enjoy free of charge money depositing and withdrawal through all ATMs.
  • Enjoy free of charge money transfers digitally.
Besides, you will not be required to have any "extra" spending. The only thing you need to do is to make use of your Orange Extra Debit Card for any spending you will have at bill payments, supermarkets, fueling stations, restaurants and coffee shops, amounting to TRY 3.250 and above in each month.

You will start to enjoy the extra advantages for the next month when the amount you spent in a month reaches to TRY 3.250.

General Purpose Loan Calculator

Total Loan
  • Interest Rate %
  • Loan Issuance Fee TL
  • Total Repayment TL
  • Monthly Installment TL

*The calculation tool is intended for example purposes. The approval of the loan will be granted in line with ING loan allocation rules.

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