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Orange Extra from ING!

Spend minimum TRY 750 on monthly basis in your shopping by ING Debit Card or in your bill payments through your drawing account, and enjoy an additional interest rate of 2% in your Orange or e-Orange TRY Account in the next month. Furthermore, you will be entitled to enjoy extra advantages in your shopping. 

If you want to join Orange Extra, you can visit ING Mobile Banking, Online Banking or branches, or dial 0850 222 0 600.

Orange Extra Program Members Will Have Extra Gains!

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    If Orange Extra Program Members spend TRY 750 by ING Debit Card on monthly basis, they will take the advantage of enjoying an additional interest rate of 2% in their Orange or e-Orange TRY Accounts during the upcoming month!

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    You can easily reach the minimum monthly spending limit of TRY 750 by either shopping with many discounts and advantages or placing an automatic bill payment order through your drawing account.  

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    If you want, you can also place an order to transfer money to your account from your Orange Account automatically when the account balance decreases below the pre-determined amount.     

Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Term (Months) Monthly Installment Amount Total Repayment Amount Filing Fee, Commission, Insurance Monthly Total Cost Rate Annual Total Cost Rate
750 TL 10 75 TL 750 TL 0 TL %0
2.000 TL 11 183 TL 2,016 TL 0 TL %0.1320
3.000 TL 12 254 TL 3,052 TL 0 TL %0.2640
5.000 TL 18 298 TL 5,367 TL 0 TL %0.7560
7.000 TL 24 330 TL 7,927 TL 0 TL %1.0200
10.000 TL 36 349 TL 12,552 TL 0 TL %1.2840
15.000 TL 48 434 TL 20,826 TL 0 TL %1.4280

* ING Bank reserves the right to change the interest rate, the content and the duration of the campaign in accordance with prevailing conditions, to require a guarantor when necessary and to reject the loan applications deemed ineligible.