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Diversity and Inclusion

At ING, we value and encourage diversity. In order to stay one step ahead, we need colleagues from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, trained in different fields, or living under different conditions. We know that teams with diversity are more creative, adapt faster to change, and come up with solutions beyond the norm.

As our services expand, our customers and business partners are also becoming more diverse. To better understand our customers, our workforce and human resources must be as diverse as our customers. That's why it's important for everyone at ING to feel valued as part of the whole, regardless of their identity or beliefs.  This is the focus of our approach to diversity and inclusion.

At ING, we regard differences and freedom of thought as our strength 
To ensure that everyone at ING works in an environment where they are accepted for their unique qualities, feel free, unleash their full potential and therefore perform at their best, we are pioneering practices. Inclusion is also featured in our Orange Code, which encourages us to help others succeed.  

At the same time, one of our top priorities at ING Türkiye is gender equality. We aim to increase the proportion of women in management roles and help them manage the various roles in their lives in a more balanced way. We implement various practices to help our female colleagues achieve a balance between their social, family, and professional lives.

Thanks to our Flexi work practices, all of our colleagues come to the office only 6 days a month, work from wherever they want during the summer months, and take time off when they need it for themselves and their loved ones, thanks to our convenient our flexi leave application. 

At ING Türkiye, we focus on increasing awareness about diversity and inclusion through education and partnerships with non-governmental organizations, and by investing in women's leadership. Our human resources practices include maintaining a female managerial ratio of over 30% at all management levels, a gender balance of minimum 30-70% among managers, and a gender distribution of 50-50% on candidate lists for external recruitment processes.

We also implement various development activities including:

  • "Diversity and Inclusion Psychology" training sessions for managers to raise awareness on different aspects of diversity and inclusion including different perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • We include of diversity and inclusion as a separate topic in our "Recruitment Training" and "Every Manager is an HR Manager" training as part of our recruitment methodology, and make sure to address this topic in any training opportunity to create awareness among managers.
  • Our managers at ING Türkiye participate in online trainings organized by the ING Global Group.
  • We organize seminars and events during the "Diversity and Inclusion Week" that takes place simultaneously in all ING countries to focus on social gender equality, participation of individuals with disabilities in working life, and finally on diversity, which is our greatest strength.
  • As a corporate member of YenidenBiz Association, a non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering women's employment in Türkiye, we actively participate in various projects. One such initiative involves our female managers voluntarily offering mentorship to women who have taken breaks from their careers for various reasons and now seek to re-enter the business world.