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Climate Change

At ING Türkiye, we believe in the transformative power of the financial sector in achieving a sustainable world. We are one of the 8 banks in Türkiye committing to the implementation of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. We are also one of the 8 banks that have signed the Global Compact Türkiye Sustainability Financing Declaration, with the aim of advancing current practices in the financial sector and mobilizing all actors towards a sustainable future. 

Under the Climate Action heading, we work to make our operations sustainable and reduce our carbon emissions, and we establish local and global partnerships. We also support our stakeholders both in terms of access to sustainable funds and loans, and through education, awareness, and guidance.

We structure our credit volume in accordance with ING Group's TERRA Approach and the 1.5 C degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. In this context, when providing loans to energy plants, fossil fuels, automotive, shipping, aviation, steel, cement, and construction sectors, which have the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions, we consider the impact on global warming. 

In line with the 2022 Climate Report, our priorities at ING Türkiye, in conjunction with the group's global synergy, are:

1. Achieve zero carbon emissions in our operations,
2. Achieve net zero in our portfolio by 2050 or earlier, 
3. Guide and finance our customers towards a net zero economy, 
4. Manage climate and environmental risks. 

Click here to access the ING Group's 2022 Climate Report.