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Our TERRA Approach

We are aware that the way to achieve the greatest impact in the fight against global warming is by providing consulting to our customers and taking a guiding role in financing management. With this in mind, we provide direction to commercial and corporate loans in our balance sheet in line with Net Zero Emission Targets. We call this perspective the TERRA Approach.

With the TERRA Approach laid out by the ING Group, we target and analyze the impact of energy production, fossil fuels, automotive, marine transportation, air transportation, steel, cement, residential and commercial real estate sectors, which are identified as the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions in our balance sheet. We aim to reduce carbon emissions by setting intermediate goals for the nine sectors covered in the TERRA Approach for 2030. We offer support and consulting services to ensure that the financing we provide to each of our customers reaches the Net Zero Emission goal by 2050, and we keep track of the progress that has been made. We use the most appropriate and suitable methodology in the calculation for each sector, as there are many paths that can be followed to reach Net Zero. Environmental and Social Risk Management is our top priority in all banking activities. You can access our current data and latest work on this topic in the 2020 TERRA Approach Development Report.

In addition to our TERRA Approach, we measure the compatibility of credit portfolios with climate scenarios under the Paris Agreement Compliant Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) developed in partnership with the global think tank 2˚ Investing Initiative (2DII)

In line with all of these, ING Group is leading social change by establishing its business model on the foundations of Sustainable and Responsible Banking in all countries. Our corporate customers, who are currently undergoing a successful transformation, are taking their projects and work one step further by benefiting from ING's global experience on this journey.

At ING Türkiye, we continue to share our global experience in our country, expand our product range, and work towards the goal of a sustainable world. We progress within the framework of our global ESG policy, carry out efforts to reduce our own carbon footprint, and contribute to the process in Türkiye with our international experience acquired through our international memberships and the indices we are affiliated with.