ING General Purpose Loan

ING General Purpose Loan

Extra gains for Orange Extra members thanks to cash refund.

The Orange Extra program offers you to take the advantage of cash refund for your consumer loan payments.

You just need to be an Orange Extra member and to spend an amount of TRY 1,000 monthly in order to gain extra and to take the advantage of low interest rates through the Orange Extra Advantageous Loan.

So, your interest rate of 1.54%* for consumer loan shall be reflected as follows with the cash refund that you will receive:
  •  0.99% up to TRY 5,000, 
  • 1.39% between TRY 5,001-20,000, 
  • 1.59% above TRY 20,000. 
*The contractual interest rate shall remain unchanged, and it shall be started from 1.54%.

General Purpose Loan Calculator

Total Loan
  • Interest Rate %
  • Loan Issuance Fee TL
  • Total Repayment TL
  • Monthly Installment TL

*The calculation tool is intended for example purposes. The approval of the loan will be granted in line with ING loan allocation rules.

How can I benefit from the Orange Extra Advantageous Loan?

In respect of any customer who have utilized a new Consumer Loan as of August 06, 2019; with respect to the Orange Extra Program members, who have fulfilled the condition to have spent TRY 1.000 within a month by making use of the ING Debit Card or the drawing account; the interest rate, to be calculated by multiplication of the principal of the previous month and the difference between "the interest rate indicated in the applicable agreement" and "the advantageous interest rate determined by the Bank", as well as the amount, corresponding to the taxable portion for such interest rate difference, will be refunded in cash to the drawing account, linked to the loan, by the Bank on the due date, as indicated in the repayment schedule, within the following month.

For example; In case the principal amount of the loan is TRY 10.000.-, and the contractual interest rate is 2%, and the Orange Extra advantageous interest rate is 1.70%, then the interest rate difference amount TRY 10.000. * (2%-1.7%) = TRY 30 the RUSF (Resource Utilization Support Fund): TRY 30*15%= TRY 4.5 BITT (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax): TRY 30*5% = TRY 1.5, the total cash amount payable: TRY 30 + TRY 4.5 + TRY 1.5 = TRY 36.

Loan Amount Loan Maturity Period (Months) Monthly Interest Rate  Annual Interest Rate Loan Allocation Fee** Monthly Installment Amount
Total Monthly Cost Rate Total Annual Cost Rate
TRY 20.000 36 1.54% 18,48%  TRY 100 TRY
1.8805% 25.0520%

**For Orange Extra customers, the interest rates are reflected by 1.39% with cash refund for those who fulfill the spending conditions of the program for loans up to 5,001- 20,000 TL. Contract interest starts from 1.54%, 20,000 TL 36 months Monthly Cost 1.8805% Annual Cost 25.0520%. ING reserves the right to terminate the campaign and change the conditions.;

Campaign Conditions

  • Our loan campaign will be effective for any maturity period between 3 - 36 months, and a file cost, amounting to five thousandth of the loan amount, will be charged.
  • Our loan campaign will have a monthly contractual interest rate between %1,54 and 2.59%, and such interest rate will vary depending on your payment performance.
  • If you are a customer of us, then you can utilize your loan immediately through the "Apply Now" tab on, ING Internet Branch and ING Mobile.
  • If you are not a customer of us, then you can utilize your loan upon completion of your documentation by courier and without being required to visit any branch, following the approval granted for your loan.
  • The campaign for postponement for 3 months will be applicable for any amount between TRY 5.001-80.000.-, and maturity period up to 36 months. In respect of the option for 36 months, the repayment schedule will be created on the basis of a postponement for 3 months and also the maturity period of 33 months. You may benefit from this campaign until April 31, 2021.
  • Orange Extra Advantageous Credit cash back feature, from our bank; 
    • Interest rate 0.99% up to 5.000 TL, 
    • 1.39% between 5.001- 20.000 TL,
    • If it is over 20.000 TL, it will not be valid for customers who use loans with an interest rate below 1.59%. 
    • Other conditions apply to credits used for purchases made from ING Credit Point. The advantageous interest rates reflected from the loan usage below 20.000 TL are reflected for the first loan usage. 
    • The Orange Extra Advantageous Loan interest rate, which will be reflected in other loan disbursements during the campaign period, is 1.59%.
  • Customers with a credit rating of 1850 and above benefit from the 1.54% interest rate. The specified interest rates are valid for 3-36 months for amounts between 3,000 and 80,000 TL. The maturity must be at least 90 days. For those who are not ING customers, the identity confirmation process can be completed by courier without going to the branch. ING reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign and not to approve loan applications that it deems unsuitable.

e-Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Maturity Period (Months) Monthly Interest Rate  Annual Interest Rate Loan Allocation Fee** Monthly Installment Amount
Total Monthly Cost Rate Total Annual Cost Rate
TRY 15.000 36 1.54% 18,48%  TRY 75 TRY
1.8805% 25.0520%

**Any customer, who has a KKB (Credit Bureau) score of 1850 and above, will benefit from the interest rate of 1.54% for any maturity period in any proposal provided with insurance.  

** Our loan campaign will have a monthly contractual interest rate between 1.54% and 2.59%, and such interest rate will vary depending on the payment performance of our customers. Example For Calculation: In respect of a loan, amounting to TRY 15.000.-, and with a maturity period of 36 months: Interest Rate:1.54%, Total Annual Cost Rate will be 25.0520%. Total Amount Payable including the loan allocation fee, excluding the insurance cost: TRY 20.672,04

Loan Amount Loan Maturity Period (Months) Monthly Interest Rate  Annual Interest Rate Loan Allocation Fee** Monthly Installment Amount
Total Monthly Cost Rate Total Annual Cost Rate
TRY 15.000 36 2.59% 31,08%  TRY 75 TRY
3.1436% 44.9799%

*** Our loan campaign will have a monthly contractual interest rate between 1.54% and 2.59%.

****The example given above was drawn up by including all taxes and costs for the maturity period and the loan amount. Insurance cost was not included in the Total Monthly Cost Rate and the Total Annual Cost Rate. Loan allocation fee will be 0.5% of the loan amount, and a banking and insurance transactions tax (BITT) of 5% will be charged on the basis of the loan allocation fee.   

*****ING shall be entitled to amend and/or modify the campaign terms and conditions, and to ask for any guarantor and income certificate, if and when so required, and also to reject to approval any loan application that is deemed unfavorable.  

Orange Extra Program

You may join the Orange Extra program without paying any amount for such purpose.

You may start to benefit from the Orange Extra privileges after your first shopping by making use of the ING Debit Card.

For the purpose of being able to benefit from such privileges, just accomplish spending of TRY 1.000 within a month by doing your daily shopping such as those at the supermarkets, fueling stations, restaurants, by making use of your ING Debit Card, or by performing your bill payments from your drawing account!

You will earn additional interest of 2% accrued in your Orange and e-Orange TRY Accounts in the month following the month in which you have spent at least TRY 1.000.

You may withdraw and deposit money free of charge by making use of the ATMs of other banks for 3 times within a month;

You will not pay any cost for any EFT/remittance transaction, you might perform from your drawing account through ING Mobile and Internet Branch;

You may do shopping with exclusive privileges and opportunities offered for the Orange Extra program members.

Useful Information

  •  What is the impact of my reason to utilize a loan on the loan types?
For the purpose of choosing the most favorable option among various loan types and utilizing the available campaigns, you should clarify your reason to utilize a loan.
For instance, if you wish to buy a house, then you may chose the most favorable one among the housing loan options and campaigns, or among the vehicle loan options and campaigns, if you wish to buy a vehicle.

  •  What is the loan limit as per the credit score and corporate policies?
If you are credit card user, or if you have utilized any loan previously, then a credit score has been originated for you by the Credit Bureau (KKB). Your credit score will be affected by the factors such as your payment habit, your loan utilization concentration, etc.
Any bank will accept your loan request as based on your credit score and the corporate policies, and your loan limit will be determined also as based on such criteria.
You may find out your KKB credit score in consideration of a low fee through the Findeks, and, accordingly, you may estimate that whether you would be granted with the loan, before submitting a loan application, since you will be aware of your score.

  •  Why it is important to make the payments on regular basis?
Any delayed payment might give rise to the decrease of your credit score. By building up your repayment schedule accurately, you may make the payments on a regular basis, and keep your credit score high.  

  •  What is the impact of the maturity period on the interest?
You should take into account the maturity period when making up your loan repayment schedule. The amount you will pay on monthly basis may decrease as the maturity period gets longer, however, the amount of the interest you will pay will increase. You can determine the loan amount and the maturity period, which would be most favorable for you, by making use of the loan calculation tools before submitting a loan application.

  •  How can I upgrade my KKB credit rating/score?  
The credit score will demonstrate your liabilities to the banks and financial institutions, as well as your payment habit.
The credit score, calculated by the Credit Bureau (KKB), will vary from 1 to 1.900, and the higher your credit score is, the higher your probability to obtain a loan will be.
Having a high credit score will affect your loan application, interest rates and maturity period, positively.
The credit score of an individual, who has utilized a loan and has a regular payment history, will be higher as compared to that of an individual, who has not utilized any loan at all, or has utilized less.
For the purpose of improvement of your credit score, you have to make your payments on a regular basis and without any delay. Performance of any of your payments after the respective due date is one of the most important factors to affect your credit score negatively.

  •  How is my credit score calculated?
- Habits of payment of the personal loans and credit cards (30%)
- Available account and debt status (25%)
- Extension of any new loan (20%)
- Loan utilization concentration (15%)
- Other factors (10%)

  •  What should I do if my KKB score is 0?
Your credit score might have not been generated if you have not utilized any loan or loan product before. You may ensure the generation of your credit score by starting to use the loan products such as the credit cards and Support Account.
You may also utilize a loan in return for cash for ensuring that your credit score is generated.

How can I obtain my Findeks Risk Report?

By means of the Findeks Risk Report, you can become informed about your loan and credit card limits at all of the banks, as well as the details about your payment performance.

You can immediately access to your Findeks Risk Report through the "Obtaining the Findeks Risk Report" step that is available on the "Product & Account Opening" menu on the Online Banking or through the "Obtaining the Findeks Risk Report" step that is available on the "Applications" menu on ING Mobile.