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Our Orange Schools

Every child has a right to receive quality education!

In line with our responsible banking approach, we believe that social investments to touch children's lives are just as important as economic investments. Driven by our mission of providing a contribution to access to quality education, we keep supporting Dulkadiroglu Karacasu Primary School in Kahramanmaras, Harlisu Primary School in Hatay and Gunbuldu Village Primary School in Agri.

Dulkadiroglu Karacasu Primary School:We initiated the renewal project at Dulkadiroglu Karacasu Primary School in Kahramanmaras with the support of the Ministry of National Education and UNICEF Turkey in 2016, and we renewed this school with the contributions of our employees, the ING Group and the Provincial Directorate of National Education in Kahramanmaras. We are proud of each and every student studying at this school currently embracing 159 students!

Harlisu Primary School: We renewed Harlisu Primary School, situated in the district of Arsuz, the province of Hatay, with the contributions of our employees in 2017. We overcame the physical deficiencies, as well as the transportation, power, heating and communications infrastructure needs of this school, and we still keep providing books, stationary supplies, clothes and shoes to the students studying at this school.

Gunbuldu Village Primary School in Agri: After being highly affected from the story of Ramazan Tasdemir who lost both of his hands while trying to rescue a bird in the Village of Gunbuldu, Agri, we channeled our social investments, focused on education and social gender equality, into the Village of Gunbuldu. Setting to work to meet various needs of the primary and secondary school in this village, we provided support for creation of a computer classroom at Gunbuldu Secondary School in 2017.

 While receiving supports and donations of both our Bank and our voluntary employees, we initiated the official processes to build a new primary school including a nursery class in the Village of Gunbuldu in July 2018 in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of National Education in Agri. The newly-built Gunbuldu Primary School in Agri opened its doors to students with 4 classrooms, 1 nursery class, 1 computer laboratory and 1 science laboratory in April 2019.