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ING Innovation Center

We steer the future, aiming beyond being just a bank.

We take pride in seeing that the ING Innovation Center, we established with the aim of creating an innovation and development center, has become a laboratory for the entire industry that provides the biggest support for entrepreneurs.

At ING Innovation Center, we meet entrepreneurs serving in the fields of fintech, entrepreneurship, innovation, software, banking and finance, etc., as well as student who want to be entrepreneurs in future, and the professionals, and organize the ING Entrepreneurship Workshops for the entrepreneurs who want to develop their ideas. By and through these workshops, we explain the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship, and deliver trainings to participants with respect to the design process of innovations which finds a solution to problems and adds value to clients.

We'll keep steering the future at the ING Innovation Center which is growing each passing day with participants and trainers. Stay tuned...