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Support Project for Olympic Girls

We stand for all female athletes against all bias hindering them!

Acting in line with our responsible banking mentality, we aim to empower the social gender equality in Turkey. Accordingly; we are proud of acting as the official sponsor of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, and providing support to the inspiring efforts of our 10 national female athletes who will compete for Turkey in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that has been postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic.

Underlining that women should be on the ground rather than being just a spectator on every platform as part of the ING's Project for Olympic Girls, we provide support to Nazli Savranbasi, the National Gymnast, Eda Tugsuz, the National Athlete who came in Fifth in the World, Yasemin Adar, the World-Champion Olympic Wrestler, Ilke Ozyuksel, the Olympic Pentathlete who became the European Champion in U24, Yasemin Ecem Anagoz, the European-Champion Olympic Archer, Irem Yaman, the World-Champion National Taekwondo Athlete, Meryem Bekmez, the National Athlete who came in Second in the World Junior Championship, Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu, the World-Champion National Karate Player, Beril Bocekler, the National Swimmer who came in Second in European Junior Championship, and Ecem Guzel, the National Yacht Racer, during their challenging Olympic journey. We believe that our support will touch not only our national athletes, but also many girls who will take courage from their stories, and we aim to show the place of women to the entire world.

We provide support to our Olympic girls Eda Tugsuz, Yasemin Adar, Ilke Ozyuksel, Yasemin Ecem Anagoz, Irem Yaman, Meryem Bekmez, Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu, Beril Bocekler and Ecem Guzel for their challenging efforts in the Olympic journey.

You go girls!

Let's know our 10 female athletes, who are as strong as the world, better!

Yasemin Adar, the World Champion Olympic Wrestler

Born in 1991 and known for breaking many grounds, Yasemin started her sports life with shot put, and continued on the wrestling mat. After receiving a medal in the 72-kg category in 2013 Mediterranean Games, she was entitled to receive the gold medal in 2016 European Championship, which is the first gold medal received by a woman in the Turkish wrestling history!

Yasemin became not only the European Champion for four times in a row, but also the World Champion, and had her name written in gold letters as the first female world champion Turkish wrestler.

Nazlı Savranbaşı, National Gymnast

Born in 2003 in Izmir and attained great achievements at a young age, Nazli is an athlete in Savkar Gymnastic Club. The national athlete, who participated in the 2018 Buenos Aires Summer Youth Olympic Games, qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

 So, she became the youngest gymnast to qualify for the Olympic Games in the history of Turkish gymnastics. 

Irem Yaman, the World-Champion National Taekwondo Athlete

Born in 1995 in Ankara to a sportive family, Irem has successfully turned sports into her lifestyle. After receiving the gold medal in 2015 Russia World Championship for which she got prepared under the leadership of her father, she has been granted with 24 medals in 31 tournaments she has joined since 2016.

Granted with the award of "Female Player of the Year" by the World Taekwondo Federation in 2018, our young athlete competed in the 62-kg category in the World Taekwondo Championship in the UK and received the gold medal, and she became the first Turkish female taekwondo athlete who has become the world champion for the second time.

Eda Tugsuz, the National Athlete who came in Fifth in the World

Born in 1997, Eda is a young and successful athlete holding the record in javelin throw in Turkey. With her javelin throw performance of 63,87 meters in 2017 World Championship, where she ranked fifth, she became our first female athlete who has made it to the finals in javelin throw!

Becoming popular for the medals she received in the U23 category, Eda was entitled to receive the bronze medal in the senior European Cup in 2019. Getting ready to join the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Eda sets her heart on becoming the champion of the Olympic Games at early 20s.

Yasemin Ecem Anagoz, the European-Champion Olympic Archer

Born in 1998 and working out for nearly 10 hours a day, Yasemin is one of our determined athletes who competed in 2016 Rio Olympic Games when she was just 17 years old.

Returning with the gold and silver medals from 2018 European Championship and 2018 World Cup Final, respectively, our young athlete was granted with the award of "Athlete of the Year" by the World Archery Federation in 2019.

Ilke Ozyuksel, the World Pentathlete who became the European Champion in U24

Born in 1997, Ilke started her sports life with swimming. Then maintaining her career in running, horse riding, fencing and riding, she became the first athlete to represent our country in the modern pentathlon.

Holding the world record in the Junior European Championship of Modern Pentathlon, Ilke has also broke many records in the world championships! Receiving the silver medal last in 2019 Modern Pentathlon World Cup, Ilke sets her eyes on the gold medal in Tokyo.

Meryem Bekmez, the National Athlete who came in Second in the World Junior Championship

Born in 2001 in Diyarbakir, Meryem is one of our talented athletes who has broken many records and developed herself in 20-km walk race. 

Returning home with the silver medal from the U20 World Championship, Meryem is a young and accomplished athlete holding five records in Turkey and one record in the Balkans in walk race. Known for breaking the record, which couldn't be broken for 16 years, and becoming the champion in the EA Race Walking Permit, Meryem continues to break her own record in Turkey in every race.

Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu, the World-Champion National Karate Player

Born in 1988 in Istanbul, Serap started karate at the age of 12. Representing our country successfully in the national team, which she became eligible for the first time in 2005, for 15 years, Serap won a total of 14 medals, five of which were gold, in the European and World Championships throughout her career, and became one of the most successful female athletes in Turkish karate history.

Ranking first in the category of 50 kg in the world, Serap, who won the Grand Winner award, which is granted to the best athlete of the year, twice in her category, is one of our most promising winners of medals at the Olympic Games she will participate for the first time!

Beril Bocekler, the National Swimmer who came Second in European Junior Championship 

Born in 2004 in Ankara, Beril has broken numerous records in Turkey and won a number of medals in European Championships throughout her swimming career, which she started when she was just 6 years old. 

She has qualified for Tokyo as the first swimmer to meet the Olympic A Standard in two different disciplines (800 m and 1500 m) in Turkish swimming history. 

Ecem Guzel, National Yacht Racer

Born in 1995 in Istanbul, Ecem started yacht racing at the age of 13 in Bodrum. Continuing her sports career as an athlete of Galatasaray Sports Club, our national yacht racer has qualified for Tokyo Olympics with her success in the Laser Radial category. 

Being among the top ten athletes in the World and European Championships recently and being one of the important international athletes in this category, Ecem aims to crown this success with the Olympic medal.