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Projects For Women

We take pride in being the driving force standing behind women!

We provide support to various non-governmental organizations enabling women to become empowered in both social and economic terms, besides the internal and external projects we carry out in the field of social gender equality.

Up until now, we have provided support for;

• Ensuring that well-trained and experienced women, who have left the business world for some time, start working again with the Women Returners Platform,
• Creation of a common awareness and solidarity network against violence to women in Turkey with Mor Cati Women’s Shelter Foundation,
• Ensuring that entrepreneur women of Soma are provided with educational support in the fields of digitalization, marketing and social media with the training delivered to 370 entrepreneur women and donation of EUR 30,000 to the "First Women Training and Production Center in Soma" established jointly by Kagider (the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) and Turkey Vodafone Foundation.

We will keep supporting all projects standing behind women in the future.