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Turkey’s Saving Tendencies Survey

We're trying to draw attention to the low savings rate in Turkey since 2011!

Aiming to determine the savings habits, trends and probabilities of the urban population in Turkey, we have been carrying out Turkey’s Saving Tendencies Survey since October 2011 in cooperation with Bilkent University and Ipsos.

By and through this survey, we track the commonly used savings vehicles, individual revenues, monthly savings rate and cash equivalent savings amount, as well as whether "average individuals" in Turkey save money or not, and the underlying reasons thereof on monthly basis. We aim to generate scientific data on savings, and to draw attention to low savings rate, and also to fill the statistical data gap in this field in consequence of this survey.

We carry out our survey by means of the computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) on monthly basis with 800 persons in the selected 26 provinces across the NUTS1 region to represent the urban population of Turkey, and disclose the results on quarterly basis on our website.