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Orange Drop

We attach importance to raising a conscious generation, and we have been providing financial literacy training to primary school students since 2013!

We, as ING Turkey, care about the future generations, and we have been providing financial literacy training to the 3rd and 4th grade students, studying at public primary schools, for 8 weeks since 2013.

We aim to create awareness of children at early ages and to create changes in their behaviors as part of our Orange Drop social responsibility project which is the first and only financial literacy training developed for primary school students in Turkey.

Under the scope of the Orange Drop based on a business model with multiple stakeholders encompassing the private sector, universities, public and civil society, we provide training to students in their natural training environment through the agency of the primary school teachers. We evaluate all trainings provided by means of the academic-based analyses. The impact evaluation results of the Orange Drop training reveal that the training has completely eliminated the 'gender difference in competition trends' as observed in many developed and developing countries around the world including Turkey, and that predisposition of the female students, who have received this training, has increased up to the same level as that of the male students who have received this training.

The Orange Drop represented at many international platforms such as the Organization for Economic, Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI):

 • was granted with the "Preferred Bank Awards" held across 40 countries where the ING Group operates; and

 • received the "Excellence Award in Financial Literacy" granted by the American Financial Literacy Institute, and

 • made it to the finals at the International ''Financial Awards for Children and Youth'', and 

• was selected as the "Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project" in the Category of Education at the 13th Golden Compass Awards, and

• received the Silver Award in the category of "Corporate Social Responsibility Project of the Year" at the Stevie International Business Awards.