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Digital Teachers

Digital transformation process of Turkey accelerates by digital teachers

We believe that education is one of the most important fields that will contribute to digital transformation of Turkey. Within this context, we have launched the project of Digital Teachers, which is based on digitalization that constitutes the backbone of our strategy and which focuses on teachers, in cooperation with Habitat Association and METU and with the support of ILKSAN.

Our teachers play a great role in the launch of this project. In our workshops, we noticed that the field in which the teachers want to improve themselves is the digital literacy in order to be able to communicate more effectively with their students and to increase the efficiency of the training they provide by use of digital means. Digitalization also plays an important role in the strategy of ING; therefore, we decided to transfer our experience in this field to them and move forward in this direction in order to meet the demands of our teachers in the best manner possible.

Our project aims to enable the teachers to step into the digital world, acquire the digital literacy skills they can utilize during face-to-face and distance education, transfer the skills they acquire to primary-secondary school students, and contribute to teachers from different regions to acquire equal digital skills. In this way, we aim to ensure that the teachers and students become a part of the digital transformation, and finally, to contribute to the digital transformation process in Turkey. With the project, we will firstly reach a thousand teachers from 10 cities, and indirectly, approximately 30 thousand students. We will offer an effective and up-to-date content in a hybrid model through online and face-to-face trainings.

As for all our social responsibility projects, we intend our project of Digital Teachers to be long-term. We, as ING Turkey, will continue to contribute to the digital transformation process in our country.