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Environmental and Social Policies

ING Group gives priority to environmental consciousness and human rights in all countries it operates and business relationships it establishes. In financial decisions and transactions mediated, ING Group acts in accordance with the internal policies created with a sense of responsibility towards the society, in addition to national and international laws and regulations.

Our Environmental and Social Polices, created to provide guidance for our activities in light of our social, ethical and environmental vision, have become an integral part of ING's credit risk management practices. In other words, all potential social and environmental side effects (such as deforestation, air pollution, child labor and controversial weapons) of our activities are thoroughly examined. Our policies are developed and updated in line with the studies we carry out together with organizations concerned with subjects such as human rights and climate change, our employees, customers and shareholders.

In June 2003, ING Group became one of 10 international banks that have voluntarily adopted the Equator Principles, developed based on International Finance Corporation's (IFC) environmental and social awareness standards, to be applied in the financing of all projects where the total project capital cost exceeds USD 10 million. ING Bank acts within the framework of these principles in the financing of projects and in the subjects of social responsibility and the management of environmental risks.