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Human Resources Policy

At ING Group, our primary purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.
Human Resources Management has adopted fair and lean systems that make the employees feel that they are distinguished and that develop and support the employees with a Banking approach empowered by the employees.

In Turkey, with our dynamic and agile structure, we are bringing an unconventional and out-of-the-box banking approach, in line with our unique slogan “New Tricks to Old Dog”. Tirelessly questioning the traditions, we are perpetually striving for better and are very excited about it. Furthermore, this approach covers all our customers as well as our employees and other potential ING family members. Thus, we are always committed to challenging the customary practices and make a difference in Human Resources processes.

Our Human Resources (HR) policy is based on raising our own leaders from within our Bank. We make substantial investments in personal development and leadership. We believe that leaders, who can unveil the potentials of ING team members and provide them with an efficient and productive environment, are the key to success. Hence, we place great emphasis on leadership development programs.

ING Bank always desires to continue its activities as a preferred and encouraging employer. Everybody who joins ING Bank is informed of “Orange Code" during the orientation program. Orange Code includes both ING Values and ING Behaviors.  

As ING Bank Turkey, we have 3 priorities regarding our target of becoming Turkey's most preferred employer in banking industry.

In line with the budget transformed according to the priorities of Human Resources and shaped according to the Bank's strategies, the recruitments are realized within the limits of norm staff. Job applications are made via web site of the Bank and contracted human resources portals and vacant positions are announced via these channels. Consultancy firms are also used when necessary. Our Bank cares that new graduates are acquired by our Bank and by the industry and to that end, we employ new graduates to be trained. Accordingly, we recruit Sales Trainees to be assigned in Retail, SME and Mid-Corporate Banking sales positions, Management Trainees to be assigned in various units in Head Office (IITP) and Assistant Internal Controllers, Assistant Auditors and operation and call center personnel for our Operation Center in Kahramanmaras. Regardless of age, sex and other differences, equal career opportunities are offered to everybody. While forming various teams within ING business lines and feeding the internal culture, we focus on diversity, consciously. Key points in this approach are: 

  • Influencing best people and reaching the largest talent pool that can be formed, recruiting people with various backgrounds, 
  • Developing case by case plans for the business line to create different teams, 
  • Encouraging the students from various backgrounds to do internship in the Bank, 
  • Being an attractive employer for the students who have been educated in diverse areas. 
The Practica Camp, which has been organized for 9 years, is a Young Talents Platform where the university students can express themselves. The event is organized to contribute to recognition and preferableness level of the Bank and support recruitments. It is an important organization where young people can reveal their creativity and improve themselves in a fun tournament as well as sharing their point of view with each other.

At the top of our HR selection criteria stand inquisitive, eager-to-learn profiles.  Handling all our HR processes in a performance-based system, we follow a fair, transparent and career-oriented path for all our employees to offer them equal opportunities. We are aware of the importance of the working model for a successful HR management. 

We believe in the power of Collaborative Working Model. We set our targets and strategies in collaboration with our employees. We know that this system is indispensable for one team, common goal and common achievements. 

We have platforms open to everyone regardless of their titles and the organizational hierarchy. We design various platforms and means where our employees can share their opinions. We enable our employees to participate in all our projects, assuming active roles and making valuable contributions to ING Bank’s achievements. We value the opinions and ideas of all our employees equally regardless of their job titles and any hierarchical order. Through this mechanism, we enable the dissemination of ideas, not only from top to bottom but also from bottom towards the top. With “Innovation Bootcamp”, our internal entrepreneurship platform, we encourage ING people from both ING Bank Turkey and other ING countries to develop innovative ideas/projects.

We are getting more mobile everyday. Via the mobile banking platform and applications, we design new systems that are accessible anytime and anywhere, not only for our customers but also for our employees. As we develop our banking performance to serve our customers better, we do the same for our people as well.  

We have an agile working method. This method helps us keep live models and enables a continuous revision of our processes. Not restricting ourselves to the priorities only, we act more flexibly in our plans and sustainable development processes and use time much more effectively. Also, we enable our people to challenge our existing processes and take part in these processes to always perform better. 

ING Bank cares developing the performances, weak and strong points, tendencies and desires of the people meticulously and offering them the positions where they can reveal such features in the best possible way. 

To this end, ING Bank guides them to construct their future as well as observing them with many tools and methods. Within this context, ING Bank engages and develops Career Path Programs to invest more in professional and personal development and career plans of the employees, support the transitions between the business lines with concrete and measurable indicators, offer an opportunity environment for the employees, and to create resources primarily from internal sources. ING Bank International Talent Program (IITP) aims to train senior managers for the Bank in the long term. Within the scope of the program, new graduates are selected every year in each of ING countries and they are trained in the business line they choose, as part of a program. After a total of 4-year period involving the training programs abroad, the young talents go on to their careers by benefiting from the opportunities offered globally.

For ING Bank, international assignments are important due to the experiences offered. These assignments offer the employees the opportunity to benefit from international job opportunities across ING Global. Short and Long term assignments aim to ensure that right people work at the right place and right time for ING Bank.

International job policies act as perpetuation of the policies adopted globally by ING Group and in such policies the success of both ING Group and employees are considered and the focus is to satisfy both parties.

The employees of the Bank are supported with trainings continuously, starting on their first day at ING Bank. The career trainings planned for increasing the knowledge and skills of the employees in their current positions or for transition between positions are diversified with on-the-job trainings and e-learnings, which contributes to performance of the Bank. In addition, with boutique trainings arranged in connection with Bank's strategies and based on the projects, the employees can be supported to quickly adapt to the processes. It is aimed with the training programs, attended by the employees as part of their career plans, to help the employees improve in technical and personal competencies and become competent in their jobs.

Prioritized working areas have been defined in October 2011 among 22 standards determined within the scope of Top Employer Program started by ING Global. These areas are "Career Management", "Performance Management", "Working Environment/Well-being" and "Orange Code". In 2013, the priorities such as "Performance Management", "Training and Development", "Working in Efficient and Effective Cooperation" have been determined to act together in all the countries within the scope of Top Employer Program. ING Bank Turkey focuses on developing all these priorities determined in 2011 and 2013 for ING Bank Turkey Top Employer projects.

Performance Management
As ING Bank, every year we manage a process that starts with setting job expectations and competencies which are assessed with continuous conversations and year-end review in order to assess performance against  in a fair and transparent manner based on certain criteria. At ING Bank, our motto for the performance management is: “You are the performance, you own this process”.   

We conduct “Mentorship and Coaching Programs” to increase the performances or competences of our employees and help them discover and unveil their potential. 

ING Bank believes that it will contribute to profitability and growth if employees have measurable goals and a shared success culture where they unite and work together to attain these goals. In this respect, Success@ING and Basari Vitrini, the performance management systems of ING Bank, have been constructed to evaluate all the personnel under the main competencies of job expectations, Orange Code Behaviors and stretch ambitions and to support development of the employees according to the results obtained. The results of the evaluations have been prepared to be used as data in career opportunities, talent programs, training programs, compensation and benefits practices about the employees. 

The promotion process in the Bank has been arranged to make an employee who has the necessary qualities for promotion such as high performing behaviors, professional knowledge and skills, sufficient education level and sense of responsibility can be promoted to a higher position within the scope of vacancies in order to make use of the qualified human resources adequately.

Career Management
We announce any Career Opportunities internally first to provide our people with the opportunity to apply for various posts both in Turkey and abroad. Short- and long-term assignments to ING Global posts aim to ensure that right people work at the right place and right time for ING Bank. With durations varying from 3 months to 5 years, these programs enable temporary assignments to the vacant positions in different countries based on the talents and experiences of our colleagues. Employees assigned to these posts are offered a significant contribution to their personal developments and career plans, supported by managers of the relevant business line and Human Resources teams.

At ING Bank, we offer promotion opportunities to all employees two times a year following performance assessment periods. We discuss with our colleagues in detail how they can plan their careers from the first day they join our team.  We continue our “Orange Talents” program that aims to detect our team members with the strongest skills needed in the managerial roles and raise executives to carry our Bank to the future from within our organization. With the Orange Talents Program designed with this perspective, currently we appoint Branch Managers from within our own talent pool, which also serves for our Head Office. For ING executives holding office as CEO, SVP or a higher-ranking title, we have launched an Executive Development Program in cooperation with Ozyegin University as of 2016.

We have the “Career Steps” program which aims to support the development of branch team members through switching to different business lines.  

Aiming at providing continuous training of all our branch employees and the leaders we have raised and are going to raise, ING Academy designs title- and competence-based professional training and personal development plans. Offering continuous development opportunities, this program gathers all training and development plans varying by titles and positions under a single roof.  Another practice that attracts significant interest of our employees is the “Branch Certification Program”, designed to prepare our branch team members to become branch manager and which contributes to the professional and personal development of branch teams.

With the e-training and video portal of ING Mobile Academy, which mobilized and digitalized our training platform, all personal and professional development training opportunities have become accessible at any time. With the mobile apps we offer to our employees, we contribute to cost-saving. 
By offering attractive training and career opportunities and a better workplace environment to our employees, we support our target of becoming the most preferred employer in banking industry.  

Social Benefits
The corporate volunteering program “Orange Hearts” was put in effect to guide the volunteer activities of ING Bank employees and unite the activities of our employees active in various volunteer initiatives under a single roof. ING Bank employees can take part in social responsibility projects, offering their time-talent and also financial support and also share their own projects with fellow employees. “Orange Hearts” functions with the motto “Set Your Heart on Benevolence”.

At our Head Office buildings, we offer various facilities including a Starbucks coffeehouse, a gym, a hairdresser and a basketball court.  

With “Orange Deals”, we signed discount contracts with more than 100 brands across Turkey for ING Bank employees. 

We design new models to enable our employees to have flexible working hours depending on their needs and the requirements of teamwork. Comprised of 4 sub-segments, namely FlexiHours, FlexiPlace, FlexiCareer and FlexiBenefits, FlexING aims at increased efficiency through maintaining a balance between the professional and personal lives of employees. In this model that offers flexibility in terms of working hours, workplace, career and benefits, we aim to help our employees build a healthy work-personal life balance. 

We have put an end to “dress code”. We have abandoned the obligation of wearing a necktie, which has been a first for the industry. Instead of wearing suits to work, our employees have switched to a more casual yet fashionable style. 

With our “Welcome to ING Leave” system, an ING Bank member can take a 5-day leave, even before having worked for an entire year.

Also, as part of the "Me and My Child" leaves: 

  • "First day of school" leave and "Report card day" leave allow parents with children between ages of 3 to14 to be there for their children on the first and last day of school;
  • "Orange Day with My Child" allows parents with children of the same age group to spare 1 day to spend with their children as they wish, and
  • "I'm Having A Baby" leave allows expectant mothers to take 1 day off for their routine examinations every month until the delivery.