Orange Limit from ING!

Orange Limit from ING!

In Orange Limit, the limits for your Overdraft Account and credit card can be added to your general purpose loan amount. Upon your request, you can use these limits as a general purpose loan with installments up to 36 months. All of these amounts make up the total of your general purpose loan limit. 

Anytime you need a loan, you can enjoy this limit. Depending on the amount and maturity, you can use the limit as a single loan or partially.    

What is Orange Limit?

  • "Orange Limit" is a collective limit covering your Overdraft Account and Credit Card limits along with a General Purpose Loan limit that has been or shall be set for you upon your application. 
  • The limit defined for a General Purpose Loan that our Bank has set for you or will set upon your request, your Overdraft Account and Credit Card limits make up your Orange Limit, in total. 


Loan Use

  • Your total usable limit applies only on the General Purpose Loans. You can use the Orange Limit repeatedly, as long as you stay in your usable limit.
  • In case the General Purpose Loan amount you need to use exceeds your General Purpose Loan limit, you may use your available Overdraft Account and Credit Card limits, respectively.
  • The available loan limit increases with each installment you pay (depending on the principal amount paid). Your Credit Card, Overdraft Account and General Purpose Loan limits shall be opened for use, respectively.


  • If your Overdraft Account and Credit Card limits are used for General Purpose Loan, the rules, terms and conditions and interest rates for General Purpose Loan shall apply, for the amount used.
  • If your Overdraft Account and Credit Card limits are not used, the interest rate and terms of use shall continue to apply, as set forth in the agreement you have signed.

Limit Revision

  • Your Orange Limit is valid for a term that is set by our Bank and this term can be changed. Following the approval, you can update your Orange Limit, if you request. In order to get information on the term of your limit’s validity and on your total and usable limits, please contact our branches, call center or refer to our online or mobile branches 24/7.


  • In order to terminate the Orange Limit use, please send a text message to 2205: KREDIMSONSUZIPTAL space Turkish Republic ID No. This message does not cancel the products covered under Orange Limit (General Purpose Loan, Overdarft Account, Credit Card). By sending this message you will only terminate the loan use process, explained above.

e-Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Term (Months) Monthly Interest Rate  Yearly Interest Rate Loan Allocation Fee** Monthly Installment Amount
Insurance Fee (Annual) Monthly Total Cost Rate Annual Total Cost Rate
TRY 15.000 60 {{ KKBFaizEN }} 14,28%  75 TL TRY
TRY 834.34 1.4483% 18.8334%

* ING reserves the right to change the interest rate, the content and the duration of the campaign in accordance with prevailing conditions, to require a guarantor when necessary and to reject the loan applications deemed ineligible.