ING Mobile

ING Mobile

ING Mobile is a mobile application, containing many applications, that enables you to carry your bank with you at all times and to conveniently perform your transactions free of charge.

ING Mobile, can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.

ING Mobile Application Downloader

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Click the link sent by SMS for ING Mobile download.

ING Assistant

ING Assistant, follows your needs for you. Besides, it doesn’t just remind them, it also executes the necessary transactions. May it be controlling your credit card expenses or saving…
You can access ING Assistant via entering the Online Branch or ING Mobile.

What is ING Assistant?
  • ING Assistant is a service that informs you about your financial or non-financial transactions via e-mail, text message or instant notifications and automatically executes your transactions, based on the limits you have set.
  • It can easily manage your accounts and credit card expenses. You set the rules and limits for various areas such as money transfers, payments and saving methods and then get informed about the execution of the relevant transactions.
  •  For the Notify Me rules you will set on the Online Branch you can prefer Text Messaging, e-Mail or Instant Notifications, whereas for the Notify Me rules you will set on ING Mobile you can prefer e-Mail or Instant Notification options. 
  • When the Act Smart rules you have defined on the Online Branch have been realized, you will be informed by a Text Message or Instant Notification, whereas when the Act Smart rules you have defined on ING Mobile have been realized, you will be informed by an Instant Notification. *


Notify Me
ING Assistant informs you when the rules you had set previously, have been realized. For instance: “Notify me with a text message when the currency rate reached the level I have set.” 

Act Smart 
ING Assistant executes the transactions on behalf of you when the rules you had set previously, have been realized. For instance: “When the set amount is credited to my account, transfer the amount to y registered account”. 


ING Assistant helps you follow all the moves on your calendar. With the personalized note feature, notifies you on a regular basis via an e-mail, text message or instant notification, depending on your preference. For instance: “April 1st is my friend’s birthday”.

*In order to select the Instant Notification option on the Online Branch, you must have downloaded the ING Mobile app to your smartphone and activated. If you do not have the ING Mobile app on your phone, you can download it here. 


  • Account Details
  • Account Statement
  • Assigning an Account
  • Account Opening
  • Last 5 Transactions

  • Money Transfer
    • Money Transfer to IBAN
    • Money Transfer to an Account
    • Money Transfer Between My Accounts
    • Money Transfer to Cash Card
    • Kayıtlı Havale
  • EFT
    • EFT to IBAN
    • EFT to an Account
    • EFT to Credit Card
    • Kayıtlı EFT

  • Account Statement
  • Current Cycle Transactions
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Other ING Credit Card Payment
  • Other Bank Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Advance/Cash Advance with Installments
  • EFT/Money Transfer from Credit Card
  • Virtual Card Transactions

  • Bill Payment
    • İGDAŞ
    • TEDAŞ
    • AYEDAŞ
    • BEDAŞ
    • ASKİ
    • İSKİ
    • İZMİR SU
    • AVEA
    • SMART
  • GSM TL/Package Top-up
    • Avea 
    • Vodafone
    • Turkcell

  • Buy Foreign Currency
  • Sell Foreign Currency
  • View Bill/Bond
  • View Eurobond
  • View Mutual Funds
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Deposit Interest Rates

  • View Loan Information
  • Loan Debt Payment

Transaction Limits and Hours

 Transaction  Lower Limit  Upper Limit  Hours
 EFT  10 TL  500.000 TL  Weekdays 09:00-16:00
 Late EFT*
 10 TL  500.000 TL  Weekdays 16:00-17:15
 TL Money Transfer/Wire  0,01 TL  Limitless  24 hours / 7 days
 FX Money Transfer/Wire  0,01 FX  Limitless  24 hours / 7 days
 TL Money Transfer to 3rd Party  1 TL  100.000 TL  24 hours / 7 days
 FX Money Transfer to 3rd Party  1 USD  40.000 USD  24 hours / 7 days
 Credit Card Payment
 24 hours / 7 days

* Late EFT (16:00 - 17:15) fee is 6 TL.

ING Mobil - Other Applications and Tools

Instant PIN: If you have an ING Credit Card or ING Debit Card, you can securely get your Online and Mobile Banking user code and PIN with Instant PIN

To take advantage of Instant PIN, your phone number registered in our system must be up-to-date. To update your mobile phone number, you can visit your nearest branch.

If you don't have a card, you can get your user code and PIN by calling 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking. 

Mobile PIN:
is ING Mobile's single-use PIN generating application that you can download on to your mobile phone or iPad.

To use Mobile PIN, you can follow the directions in the Mobile PIN menu on ING Mobile, or Online Banking Security / PIN Transactions menu, Mobile PIN step.

If you are using Mobile PIN and have internet connection on your mobile phone when logging in to Online Banking, you don't have to type your single-use PIN. After entering your user name and PIN on the computer screen, you can automatically enter your single-use PIN to the system by replying “Yes” to the notification that will be displayed on the screen with the notification feature of your phone*. If you don't have internet connection on your mobile phone, you can complete your login by entering the 6-digit PIN generated by Mobile PIN in the “PIN” field on Online Banking.

ATM-Branch Locator: is the application that enables you to view the nearby ATMs or branches based on your location or to reach the contact information of the ATMs and branches by selecting the city and the county.

Calculation Tools: With Foreign Currency Converter, Auto Loan Calculator and Home Loan Calculator, you can view the current exchange rates and calculate your loan installments.

Applications: Through ING Mobil application, you can apply for ING Orange Account, ING Bonus Card, and ING Pegasus Plus Card, even if you are not an ING customer.

ING Bonus Opportunity Finder: is the application that enables you to quickly find the ING Bonus Card opportunities on a location basis and reach the location information of stores.

*Automatic login with the notification feature can be used on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and certain Blackberry devices. When downloading the ING Mobil application, customers must confirm the message stating “ING Mobil wants to send you notifications”.

ING Mobile Branch

ING Mobile Branch is the application that, upon downloading the ING Mobil application on to your mobile phone, enables you to conveniently perform your banking transaction from anywhere.

Furthermore, you don't pay any fees for your banking transactions!*

You can instantly log in to ING Mobile Branch with only your Online Banking user code and PIN. If you don't remember your user code and PIN, you can get it with Instant PIN.

* Late EFT (16:00 – 17:15) fee is 6 TL.