ING General Purpose Loan

ING General Purpose Loan

With ING General Purpose Loan, no more 'same interest rate for everyone'!

Now, you can take advantage of our different exclusive price offers based on your Credit Bureau of Türkiye (CBT) Risk Report score.

Campaign Conditions

  • The monthly interest rate is 1,44%.
  • The Loan Allocation Fee is 0,5% of the loan amount.
  • The loan is available up to 100.000 TL. 
  • The loan term is up to 36 month.
  • Our low-interest loan offer is only available for our customers with a CBT Risk Report score of 1700 and above. 

How can I get my CBT Risk Report?

With the Credit Bureau of Türkiye (CBT) Risk Report, you can find out your loan and credit card limits at all banks and the information regarding your payment performance.

You can instantly access your Credit Risk Report through the Online Banking Applications menu, Credit Risk Report step, and Mobile Banking Credit Risk Report step.

Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Term (Months) Loan Issuance Fee Monthly Installment Amount
The Loan Allocation Fee
Insurance Fee (Annual) Monthly Total Cost Rate*
Annual Total Cost Rate*
10.000TL  36 1,44% 375.40  TL 50 TL 163.52TL  1,86%

General Purpose Loan Calculator

Total Loan
  • Interest Rate %
  • Loan Issuance Fee TL
  • Total Repayment TL
  • Monthly Installment TL

*The calculation tool is intended for example purposes. The approval of the loan will be granted in line with ING Bank loan allocation rules.