Fixed Installment Mortgage

Fixed Installment Mortgage

You may consult with our mortgage specialists for the housing loan that is most favorable for you, as based on the payment options thereto.

“If you say, "I have a fixed income, and I want to have my interest rate also fixed, and I want to known in advance how much I will pay", then, ING Housing Loan offers you the option to have the equal installments, and

If you say, "I want to create the repayment schedule as I wish", then ING Housing Loan offers you the option to have the equal principal payment, and

If you say, "I want to make interim payments, no matter the installment increases or decreases, by time", then ING Housing Loan offers you the option to have the interim payments!

You may complete the make an appointment form, or visit our nearest branch for obtaining detailed information about the Housing Loan, and submitting your application.
*Such interest rate is the interest rate provided with insurance.

Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Term (Months)
Monthly Interest Rate
Annual Contractual Cost Rate Loan Issuance Fee Monthly Installment Amount
Monthly Total Cost Rate
Annual Total Cost Rate
TRY 100,000  60 0.79% 10.08% TRY 500  TRY 2,128.64 0.8949%* 11.2830%

* ING reserves the right to change the interest rate, the content and the duration of the campaign in accordance with prevailing conditions, to require a guarantor when necessary and to reject the loan applications deemed ineligible.


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Vade (Ay)
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