Overdraft Account

Overdraft Account

Support Account enables you to withdraw cash from all ATMs, and perform the banking transactions such as payment of the credit card debt/bill, EFT/Remittance within your limit on 7/24 basis even if you don't have any money in your account, and also do any shopping by making use of the Turuncu Extra Debit Card.

By means of the Installment Support Account, you will have a loan limit available for being used at any time as you wish, and you may also utilize your loan if and when you need. Moreover, you do not have to visit the branch for all that!


  • For the installment feature of Overdraft Account, a separate limit is not granted. It can be used within the existing Overdraft Account limit.
  • Overdraft Account with Installment can be used through ING Branches, ATM's, Online Banking and 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking.
  • The minimum usage amount is 50 TL for ATM's and 100 TL for other channels.
  • The amount used can be paid off in 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments.
  • Even if you have money in your account, you can use the limit of your Overdraft Account with Installment.
  • First installment date is 1 month after the withdrawal with installment.
  • In the case that the installment amounts are not paid on specified due dates, Overdraft Account interest will start to accrue over the outstanding installment amount.

Features of the Installment Support Account

  • Installment Support Account is a loan, you may utilize within the limit linked to the Support Account you hold.
  • You may make use of your Installment Support Account through the ING Branches, ATM's, Internet Branch and ING Mobile, even if you do not have any cash available in your account.
  • Such loan may be utilized for the maturity periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
  • The minimum utilization amount is TRY 50 for the ATMs, and TRY 100 for the other channels.
  • The due date for the first installment will be 1 month after the time of utilization of the loan. In case any installment amount is not paid within the indicated dates, then the Support Account interest will be started to be accrued on the basis of the amount of such unpaid installment amount. Such accrued interest amount will be reflected as debt on the first Friday of the following month.
  • If there is no positive balance up to the amount of the installment available in your account, then the amount of the principal of such installment will be collected from the support account. The interest for the installment will be collected after the account has a positive balance.
  • If you do not have a Support Account, you can submit your application through the Internet Branch, all of our ATMs, by dialing 0850 222 0 600, the Telephone Banking line, or by visiting our nearest branch.