The correspondence banking assistant of INGo is at your disposal!

Ask whatever you wish to know about the banking products or transactions to INGo, and get the answers immediately!

INGo, materialized by making use of the artificial intelligence technology and improving itself with each passing day, will not only assist you in your banking transactions, but it may even make you smile thanks to its friendliness!

For starting a joyful conversation with INGo, just visit, ING Mobile or the Internet Branch.

What can INGo do for you?

  • It can receive your Credit Card applications, and type the result instantaneously, show the details of the repayment schedule, and perform your payment transaction, and 
  • It can show your product details such as the account details, account activities, credit card debt, etc., and 
  • It can provide you support with your money transfers, and 
  • It can list you saved payments, and even direct you to the respective payment page, and 
  • It can assist you for creation of your card and digital banking passwords, and 
  • It can calculate the interest rate and the return from the deposit, and 
  • It can provide you with your details such as the account number, IBAN, user code, loan reference number, etc., and 
  • It can tell you the foreign exchange rates, and 
  • It can provide you with the opportunity to make the settings for the digital channel as you wish, and 
  • It can tell you the nearest branch and ATM, and 
  • It can provide information about the products and services offered by ING, and 
  • It can provide you with the opportunity to submit an application for any ING product as you wish, and also monitor the status of your applications, and 
  • It can connect you to live support if and when you need to do so, and 
  • It can make a conversation with you and answer your day-to-day questions such as the weather forecast, if you have just shown up for only meeting.