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Our History

ING Group and Oyak Group made an agreement on selling 100% of the shares of Oyak Bank to ING Group on 19th of June 2007. Following that, the transactions about the transfer were completed on 24th of December, 2007 and Oyak Bank was placed under the roof of ING Group. As of 7th of July, 2008 ING Bank Turkey started to offer its world standard financial services to its retail and corporate customers. As one of the leading international financial institutions worldwide, ING Group, which is of Dutch origin, serves to retail and corporate customers with its more than 53 thousand employees in more than 40 countries around Europe, Northern and Latin America, Asia and Australia.

ING Group aims to empower its customers to stay a step ahead both in their lives and businesses with its global strategy “Think Forward”. With its assertiveness in realizing a new-generation banking model, ING has adopted the strategy focusing on growth in digital banking.

ING Bank Turkey has developed its banking model towards being a bank that offers easy and quick financial solutions anywhere, anytime.

  • As one of the pioneers of new-era banking, ING Bank emphasizes a banking model based on innovation and digital transformation with the motto “New Wine In The Old Bottles” 
  • Spending efforts to offer future’s banking today with its innovative products and services in line with the expectations and needs of the customers, ING Bank serves to its customers with the cooperation between its branches, strategic business partners, digital channels and mobile sales force. This makes it possible for the customers to begin a transaction in a channel they prefer and complete the process in another channel. 
ING Bank has set up its banking strategy to be in line with the sustainable economic growth of Turkey, ING Bank focuses on the topics such as increasing savings and exports with added value.

  • With the aim of becoming the leading savings bank of Turkey, ING Bank has been conducting the Survey on Saving Tendencies of Turkey since 2011 to draw attention to the low saving rates in Turkey, which is one of the major problems of Turkish economy, and contribute to the gap of statistical data in this area, in addition to its saving products and services. Every quarter, ING Bank publicizes the survey results that serve as a source of information for various stakeholders. In addition to this, ING Bank conducts the social responsibility program named as ‘Orange Drops’ which is a financial literacy education provided for primary school children, with the focus of changing their behaviors about saving. With the smart financial solutions it provides, ING Bank, aiming to become the primary bank of the companies both in Turkey and in other ING countries, offers consultancy and finance support for the manufacturing institutions of its SME, Mid-Corporate and Corporate customers doing international business, thanks to its global network, experience and knowledge. 
  • Knowing the fact that family businesses have an active role in economic growth; ING Bank executes Generation to Generation Management program in cooperation with Boğaziçi University to contribute to the efforts of the family-owned businesses in Turkey to increase their competitiveness. 
  • ING Bank has its corporate volunteering program “Orange Hearts” to merge voluntary activities of the ING Bank employees under an umbrella. ING Bank employees support social projects all over Turkey and carry voluntary efforts to the field through the events yearlong, with the motto “Open Your Heart for Good”. 

Contact Information of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency responsible for auditing the Bank:

BRSA İstanbul
Phone : (212) 337 70 00
Address : Yıldız Posta Cad. Yener Sokak No:3 34349 Gayrettepe/İSTANBUL 

BRSA Ankara
Phone : (312) 455 65 00 Fax : (312) 424 08 79
Address : Atatürk Bulvarı No:191 B Blok 06680 Kavaklıdere/ANKARA