ING Bonus Business Card

ING Bonus Business Card

ING Bonus Business Card was specially designed for your managers and employees to pay for the expenses incurred on behalf of your company such as travel, accommodation, entertainment expenses without carrying cash.

You can make your application at our nearest branch or Corporate Center.


  • You can pay for your expenditures at Bonus program partners in installments or in lump-sum, and earn bonus on these expenditures.
  • For company expenditures of your employees, you can get supplementary cards bearing the names and titles of the cardholders, for which you determine the limits yourself.
  • You can determine the card limits of your employees, restrict card expenditures and allow them to be used only in the sectors you want.
  • You can track the limit and usage status of each card of your company, and get detailed statements and reports at the end of the month via Online Banking.
  • You can pay in TL or USD for all your expenditures in Turkey and abroad, and pay in USD or EURO for your expenditures abroad. (Euro in countries where Euro is the currency, and USD in all other countries)
  • You can place automatic payment orders for your standing payments at businesses that accept credit cards.
  • By making your cash advance repayments in certain days of the month rather than everyday, you can generate funding revenue based on cash payments.
  • For your personal needs, you can take advantage of our +support assistant service 24/7 free of charge.

* Your expenditures and cash advance transactions abroad, and their fees are reflected on your account statement after being converted to TL. Additionally, the original currency and the amount of these transactions are presented in your account statement for information purposes. For transactions performed in countries in which the currency is not USD, a 1,25% conversion commission is applied in accordance with rules of the international card-based payment systems. The expenditure is converted to TL at our Bank's exchange rate in effect on the day of the transaction.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's
  • Commercial companies