Cash Advance with Installment

Cash Advance with Installment

Satisfy your need of cash with Installment Cash Advance from your ING Bonus Card and pay it off in installments. 

You can use your Installment Cash Advance through the Online Banking Credit Cards menu Installment Cash Advance step.


  • Installment Cash Advance transaction fee will be reflected on the first statement along with the first installment amount and processed as a normal expenditure. In the case that the entire installment amount for the Installment Cash Advance transaction is not paid until the payment due date, spending interest will be accrued on the installment amount. 
  • The Installment Cash Advance amount that can be used is limited to the credit card available limit.
  • Early closure, partial closure and transaction cancellation is not possible.
  • If you have a current account linked to your credit card, the cash advance amount will be deposited to this account, otherwise, the cash advance amount will be limited to the amount that can be withdrawn from ATM in a single transaction.
  • On the 'Cash Advance with Installment' amount, 1.91% interest will be reflected for 2-12 month term. The rates do not include KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund and BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax).
  • Installment Cash Advance can also be used through 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking and our branches.
  • ING Pegasus Card can also take advantage of this feature.

Cash Advance With Installment Calculator

Advance Amount
  • Monthly Installment TL
  • Number of Installments
  • Total Repayment TL
  • Interest Rate %