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Time Deposit Account

Time Deposit Account

You can immediately open your Time Deposit Account through the Online Banking Accounts menu, Account Opening step or your nearest Private Banking Service Center.


  • With interest rates continually updated according to changing market and country conditions, it offers high earnings and the opportunity to build up savings in the most efficient way under the guarantee of ING.
  • Money can be withdrawn from the account without terminating the term, up to 2 times within the same term period and up to 20% of the balance of the time deposit account. The balance remaining after your money withdrawal transaction continues to accrue interest*.
  • Time deposit accounts can be opened in TL or foreign currency with different term options.
  • The account opening limit is minimum 5.000 TL, 2.000 USD and 2.000 Euro.

Did you know that you can benefit from advantageous interest rates when you open a Time Deposit Account through Online Banking?

For more information about the E-Account, click here.

*In the case that there is a bracket change after the money withdrawal transaction, the interest rate may decrease based on the bracket that the remaining balance falls within. For the remaining balance, the screen interest rate of the bracket that the balance falls within, in effect at the beginning of the term will be applied. If the additional rate was used at the beginning of the term, the additional rate used will also be canceled.

Deposit Interest Calculator

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