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To benefit from advantageous interest rates for your savings in TL, USD or Euro, open an e-account through Online Banking, and earn more.

You can immediately open your e-account through the Online Banking Accounts menu Account Opening step.


  • The e-Account is a time deposit account in TL, USD or Euro opened through Internet Banking.
  • The e-Account opened through Internet Banking is automatically renewed with the interest rate exclusive to Internet Banking when the term matures.
  • The e-Accounts in TL, USD and Euro opened through Internet Banking are valid for terms from 1 month to 1 year.
  • The time deposit accounts in TL, USD and Euro opened through the branches can be converted to an e-Account at the maturity of the term.
  • Minimum limits for opening an account are 5.000 TL, 2.000 USD, and 2.000 EUR.

Deposit Interest Calculator

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  • Net Balance at End of Term