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Liquid Account

Liquid Account

With the Liquid Account, while performing all your banking transactions, you can invest the balance remaining in your account in the Liquid Fund.

You can open your Liquid Account through our nearest branch.


  • In cash withdrawals, your liquid funds are automatically redeemed. The lower limit that you must maintain in your Current Account to which your Liquid Account is linked to is 500 TL.
  • In your bank transfer, money transfer and EFT transactions, the Liquid Account is put into use.
  • All your personal loan and check payments, automatic payments and standing payments, and credit card payments if you have separately placed an automatic payment order are made through your Liquid Account.
  • In transactions that you will make from your Liquid Account, first your Current Account, then your Liquid Funds, and finally your Overdraft Account, if you have one, are put into use.