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Sub-fund 2

Sub-fund 2

Type B 100% Capital Protected 2. Sub-Fund linked to ING Bank A.Ş. Capital Protected Umbrella Fund; while providing protection for your capital at maturity within the best effort principle, also offers the opportunity to obtain returns with 14% fixed coupon rate for each day the value of the “Foreign Currency” basket, comprised of 50% USD and 50% EURO, stays within the bandwidth.

The demand collection period was held between March 7-11, 2010.


Fund Name: Type B 100% Capital Protected 2. Sub-Fund linked to ING Bank A.Ş. Capital Protected Umbrella Fund.

Demand Collection Period: March 7-11, 2010

Fund Founder: ING Bank A.Ş.

Fund Manager: ING Asset Management A.Ş.

Investment Instruments that the Fund invests in: Treasury Bills/Government 
Bonds/Reverse Repo and Over-the-counter Options Contracts (European type standard call option contract based on the foreign currency basket comprised of 50% USD and 50% EURO, which will generate a certain rate of return based on the number of days that the foreign currency basket stays within the bandwidth specified at the beginning of the term and at the beginning of the following 3-month periods.)

Capital Protection: 100 % (Valid at maturity and within the scope of the best effort principle.)

Fund Investment Period: 408 Days. 14/03/2011 - 25/04/2012 (Fund's value date is T+1 business day at the end of the period)

Underlying Index for fund's return: Foreign Currency Basket (0,5 USD/TL + 0,5 EUR/TL exchange rate)

Investment objective of the fund: In addition to full repayment of the investor's capital at maturity, offering the investors a predefined fixed rate of return for each day that the daily value of the foreign currency basket comprised of 0,5 USD/TL + 0,5 EUR/TL exchange rate, obtained through an over-the-counter options contract, stays within a specific bandwidth. The aforesaid bandwidths will be redetermined in approximately 3-month periods and announced to the investors. 

Fixed rate of return that the index will obtain for the period it stays within the specified bandwidth: 14%*
*14% is a sample fixed coupon rate. The valid rate for the total number of days that correspond to the fund's term is the simple interest rate, and the actual rate and its 1-year equivalent will be separately declared.

Multiples of shares: 10.000 shares and multiples.

Fund share price declaration periods: Twice per month (1. and 15. business day of every month)

Fund purchase period for investors: Only during the demand collection periods. The amounts collected against the purchase orders placed by the investors until 13:00 during the demand collection period accrue interest with O/N Repo.

Fund sales period for investors: Sales orders for the sub fund can be placed on every business day as of the starting date of the investment period of the sub fund. However, these orders will be executed at the first share price that follows the entry of the order. The orders placed until 13:00, 1 day before (T-1), the day that the price will be announced (T), will be executed at the price announced on day (T). 

The sales orders placed after 13:00, 1 day before (T-1), the day that the price will be announced (T), are held until the next price announcement day.

Upon the submission of the orders by the investors in accordance with the principles above, the sales amounts are paid to the investors within 3 (three) business days (T+3), after the announcement of the price at which the order will be executed. In the case that a profit is generated, required taxes will be collected from the investment accounts.

The balance that will be transferred to the investor's account is calculated by subtracting the early exit fee.

Early Exit Fee: In the case that the participation shares are sold by the investors within the investment period, a 2% early exit fee is charged. The aforesaid fees are recorded as revenue for the sub fund on the day they are collected. The fee rate that will be calculated over the sub fund share price is 2% (two percent.)

Tax: In the case that a revenue is generated, a 10% withholding tax will be deducted from the revenue. 

*Before investing in the fund, the investors should take into consideration the matters explained in the prospectus and internal regulations of the fund. You can access the prospectus, circular and internal regulations of the funds through ING Bank branches, ING Asset Management, and Public Disclosure Form.

**Investment products cannot be sold to "American Persons" by our Bank. American Persons include American citizens, and other nationals who reside or who are physically present in the USA.