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Eurobonds are securities issued and sold internationally in a currency other than the national currency by governments or institutions to obtain foreign funds.

You can perform your purchase-sale transactions through the Internet Banking Investments menu, Eurobond step.


  • It provides the opportunity to obtain returns from international markets by enabling foreign currency based investments.
  • It is an investment instrument that offers attractive interest rates for investors who want to make foreign currency based investments with a long-term outlook.
  • In a climate of downward interest rates, it may generate high returns when sold before maturity. During periods of upward interest rates, the exact opposite may occur.
  • Investors who choose not to wail until maturity and want to obtain returns by trading Eurobonds should correctly analyze the interest rates and their expectations for timing their purchases and sales.
  • Generally, the coupon has a fixed rate, however there are also Eurobonds with variable coupon rates.
  • In purchase-sale transactions before maturity, the prevailing market conditions at the time of liquidation are in effect.
  • While physical delivery is not possible, they are generally issued as bearer instruments.
  • The coupon payments are not subject to a withholding tax. Any earnings including those obtained through trading must be declared if they exceed the exemption limit.
  • You can also perform your Eurobond purchase-sale transactions through 0212 317 0777 Exclusive Banking Hotline and our Service Centers.