Private Pension

Private Pension

With NN Private Pension System, securely turn your savings into investments for your retirement, and receive a lump-sum amount or pension payments in your retirement.

To join the Private Pension System, you can make your application through our


By selecting one of the below plans offered within the scope of our collaboration with NN Pension;
  • Orange Pension
  • Private Pension
you can make investments according to your expectations, and obtain additional income in your retirement.

For detailed information about the Pension Mutual Funds offered and managed by ING Asset Management to enable you to turn your savings into investments according to your risk preferences and return expectations within the scope of the Pension Plans, click here.

Detailed information about the Private Pension System, tax advantages, NN Pension Plans, and Pension Mutual Funds, at


  • The Private Pension System is a system that provides a second source of retirement income in addition to the social security system. It is not an alternative for the social security system but rather a complementary system. Enrollment in this system, unlike the social security institutions, is voluntary.
  • The contribution payments of the participants are invested in pension mutual funds by expert professionals.
  • The contribution payments of the participants are supported by the State with a tax advantage within certain limits.