Credit Card Protection Insurance  (CPP)

Credit Card Protection Insurance (CPP)

To have your policy issued, you can make your application through 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking.


  • CPP is an international protection program that offers insurance and assistance services.
  • Coverages: 
    • Loss/Theft reporting through a single telephone number, anywhere in the world, 24 hours and 7 days.
    • Expenses incurred until reporting of the loss/theft incident (3.000 TL)
    • Loss or theft of personal belongings such as wallet and bag. (300 TL)
    • Communication expenses (100 TL)
    • In case of theft of card and wallet
      • Overseas emergency cash advance (1.000 TL)
      • Advance for payment of emergency hotel bills (2.000 TL)
      • Advance for payment of travel ticket (2.000 TL)
      • Renewal expenses for identification documents such as passport, identity card, company identification card (400 TL annual)
      • Lost baggage (200 TL annual)
      • 24/7 limitless emergency medical consulting, ambulance, tow truck and locksmith services
  • You can pay your premiums from your credit card in lump-sum or in installments.