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ING Bonus Virtual Card

ING Bonus Virtual Card

Use your ING Bonus Virtual Card for shopping online or by mail/telephone with your ING Bonus Card, and shop more securely without sharing your main card information by changing the limit as you want.

You can apply for ING Bonus Virtual Card through the Internet Banking Credit Cards menu Virtual Card step, view your card information and change your limit.


  • To create a virtual card, you must have an ING Bank credit card and use ING Internet Banking.
  • The moment you apply for ING Bonus Virtual Card on Internet Banking, a virtual card is created as a supplementary card for your main card.
  • The limit for ING Bonus Virtual Card can be defined for a specific date interval and set to zero for other times.
  • ING Bonus Virtual Card expenditures are viewed in the same statement as the main card, and no separate statement is issued.
  • The card limit can also be changed or set to zero through 0850 222 0 600 Telephone Banking.