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ING Cookie Policy

Your privacy and security rights are our fundamental principle; each “click” is safe at ING.

You can read our text in order to obtain information about the types of cookies used on our website, and the purposes for which cookies are used, and the settings, management and deletion of these cookies.

This text has been drawn up by ING BANK A.S. as data controller under Section 10 of the Law Nr. 6698 on Personal Data Protection (Law) and the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles to be Observed to Fulfill the Obligation to Provide Information. The purpose of this Cookie Information Text is to inform you about which type of cookies we use for what purposes and how you can manage such cookies with respect to processing of the personal data obtained automatically through embedment of the cookies, which are used on our website, on your device.

You can visit our website without providing any personal information, and you can meet your needs by obtaining information about our products and services. Some cookies are used in order to collect information about use of the site during the visits and to provide a user-friendly experience. We intend to provide a good experience to the users who visit our website and to make the operation more efficient.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your mobile device or computer through the browser which you use during your visit to any website. Cookies provide the user with the opportunity to present the customized pages, and they provide a visit experience that meets the personal needs of the user, while ensuring the efficient operation of the website. Cookies contain information only about your behavior on the sites that you visit, and your page visits in which you are interested and which you think they are appropriate for you, and they store this information for your next visit. Cookies do not collect any information about the files stored on your computer or mobile device.

Types of Cookies and Purposes of Use

Temporary cookies: The cookies, which are created when you visit any website, and which are active during the time you spend on the website, are called temporary cookies. These cookies are automatically deleted from your computer when you leave the website.

Persistent cookies: The cookies, which are created when you visit any website, and which are stored on your computer until the validity period is expired, are called persistent cookies. The permanent cookies are created in order to create a special experience for you when you visit the website later.

In order to provide you with a special experience, we use temporary and permanent cookies that we have designed on as well as the cookies that we have obtained from the third parties.

Mandatory Cookies (Always enabled)These cookies are required for the website to run. Such cookies are used mandatorily in order to fulfill any information society service requested by the user.
Performance and Analytical CookiesThese cookies are anonymous cookies, which help to improve the website, and which allow the statistical measurement in order to analyze the behavior of the users on the websites. These cookies are used in order to improve your use of our website as well as the website by analyzing the performance. These cookies are not used in order to target you with online advertisements.
Advertising and Marketing CookiesThese cookies intend to monitor the online movements of the users on the internet, and to determine the personal interests thereof, and to display advertisements to the users on the internet with respect to such interests. We may cooperate with some of our partners in order to offer you advantageous campaigns inside or outside of our site for advertising and promotion purposes. If you do not allow these cookies, we cannot offer you a personalized experience.

Through these cookies;
  • We record the user experience and preferences on and the other websites, linked to us, in order to be used during the future visits; 
  • We keep any information, which is entered in the calculation tools on the website, in the system;
  • We record your site visit information in order to estimate your banking product preferences and to offer products specific to you; 
  • We collect the user statistics in order to increase the performance of the website and to develop more effective marketing activities. 

We do not keep the confidential information of our customers/users in the cookies we use. Use of cookies is allowed by default upon installation of the internet browsers. If you do not want the cookies to be stored on your computer, then you can change your cookie use preferences through the settings of your browser. The cookie management settings differ from browser to browser, and the help menus of the modern browsers include the detailed information about the cookies. However; if you prevent use of the cookies, then you may not receive some of the services provided by ING through the internet, or you may not see the special offers.

What are your rights as a data owner?

You will be entitled to some rights if and when your personal data is processed. Accordingly, you will be entitled to the following rights as based on the Law Nr.6698 on Protection of Personal Data:

• The right to inquire whether your personal data has been processed, and to ask for further information regarding such processing;

• The right to be informed about the purpose of processing of your data and also about the fact that whether such data has been used as appropriate to the purpose thereto;

• The right to be informed about the parties (any third party either domestically or internationally) to which your data has been transferred;

• The right to ask for correction of any imperfect or inaccurate data of yours, in case of any imperfect or inaccurate processing thereof;

• The right to ask for deletion or disposal of your personal data;

• The right to ask for notification of the third parties about deletion or disposal of the personal data transferred to them, in case of any imperfect or inaccurate processing;

• The right to raise an objection against an outcome, which is to the detriment of you, and which results from a wholly automated analytical process;

• The right to claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss you might have incurred in case your personal data has been processed in breach of the law.

For the purpose of exercise of your rights, exercising your rights or filing a complaint, you can contact us by making use of the address, namely

In order to obtain further information about the data privacy policies of ING and also about the manner of use of your personal data by us, you can send an e-mail message to us or call us or visit your local branch or regional management office.

In line with the Law Nr.6698 on Protection of Personal Data, you can exercise your rights with respect to your personal data by making use of the data subject application form available in this link [] or through any of the channels listed herein below:

• Personally by visiting the address, Resitpasa Mahallesi, Eski Buyukdere Caddesi, No:8, 34467, Maslak-Sariyer, Istanbul, or any of our branches, by verifying your identity;

• by sending your application by e-mail to the address, namely, by making use of your registered e-mail address;

• by sending an e-mail message to the address, namely, by making use of your personal e-mail address with a secure electronic signature or a mobile signature, or the e-mail address, you have made use of for signing up in our system;

• by making use of another method as indicated in the Communique Regarding the Procedures and Principles For Submitting an Application to the Data Controller.

We shall conclude your application within a period of 30 (thirty) days following the receipt thereof. In case any such request requires a cost, then the fee as specified in the tariff, as determined by the Personal Data Protection Board, shall be applied by us. If and when your application is rejected, then the reason for such rejection shall be justified either in writing or electronically by us. 

How Can You Control Cookies in Your Internet Browser?

You can delete the cookies on your computer, and you can prevent the cookies from being saved/embedded through your internet browser.

Internet browsers are predefined in a manner to accept the cookies automatically. Since management of cookies varies depending on the browsers, you can apply to the help menu of your browser or application to obtain detailed information.

For example;

  • You can manage it through the "Google Chrome -> Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Cookies and Site Data -> Allow sites to save and read cookie data".

  • You can manage it through the menu "Internet Explorer -> Settings -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced settings".

In order to Manage Cookies on Your Mobile Device;

For Apple Devices;

You can clear your browsing history and cookies through the steps "Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data".

For Android Devices;

You can clear your cookies through the option "Chrome application -> Settings -> Privacy -> Clear browsing data -> Cookies, media licenses and site data -> Clear Data".