Less time for banking, more to life!

While having your savings invested, perform video call with an expert and make smart investments.

By using Remote Advice;
  • You can establish live connection with any of ING personnel through ING Mobile between 09:00-17:00 on weekdays; 
  • You can obtain information about your investment products or carry out your transactions in relation to the products; 
  • You can receive guidance with respect to the transactions that you can perform through ING Mobile. 
*Our Non-Private Banking customers, who have a pre-transaction average balance of TRY 10.000 to 1.000.000 at the end of the day or for last 3 months can take advantages of Remote Advice. ING shall be entitled to change the customer criteria to which/whom it provides service.
**In respect of Remote Advice service, the general comments and recommendations are provided during the video calls performed by our customers, who meet the criteria, and no promises or commitments are made to ensure any certain income. The views provided within the service may not be suitable for our customers' financial status and risk & return preferences. In respect of making an investment decision based on the information provided, any profit or loss may be made through the financial assets that our customers will purchase by their own decisions.
 ***Any information, comment and recommendation to be provided to our customers through Remote Advice are of a general nature and are not covered by the investment consultancy in accordance with the capital market regulations.
****Investment consultancy services are provided in accordance with investment consultancy agreements to be executed by and between intermediaries, portfolio management companies, non-depository banks and customers.