e-State Portal

Now, you are not required to go to PTT branch and wait in line in order to obtain your e-State password! You can log in the e-State Port instantly due to the Internet Branch*. Moreover, it is completely free of charge.

You can log in by using one of the following methods:

Click on the e-State Port available at the top of www.ing.com.tr.
Log in the Internet Branch and click on the "e-State Port" at the top right. 
Click the ING logo available on the Internet Banking button through turkiye.gov.tr and log therein by entering your ING Internet Banking password.

* When you utilize this service, your TR Identity Number will be sent to the e-State Port and you will be able to access your information through the e-Government Gateaway. The e-Government Gateaway, which will be opened in any new window, is not associated with ING Bank A.S. For further information and your questions, please visit turkiye.gov.tr or call 160.