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Support Assistant

Support Assistant

Thanks to +support assistance service, we are at your disposal in all kinds of issues you might need.

You can get help in various issues from +support assistance service, and solve your problems easily.

In what kind of issues can I use +support assistance service?

Towing Service
If you are stranded due to an accident or malfunction, your vehicle will be taken to the nearest technical service center.

Baggage Assistance
If your baggage is lost, your baggage will be found, and then sent to your home or destination address. In case of any damage to your baggage, a portion up to USD 400 of such amount of damage will be reimbursed to you.

Emergency Service
When you need at any time, we will send you a locksmith or a plumber subject to reimbursement of the associated expenses by us within the pre-determined limits.

Medical Assistance Service
You will be provided with medical information support regarding all kinds of medical problems, and you will enjoy transportation service to hospital and delivery service of all medicines, as necessary. 

Pet Line
In case of any problem regarding your pet, whether urgent or non-urgent, a veterinary doctor will be assigned for you.
Please click here to view all terms and conditions with respect to such services.

* You can dial 0212 328 28 28 to get further information about the guarantee amounts and terms.