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Liquid Fund

Liquid Fund

Liquid fund is a low-risk mutual fund offered as an alternative to overnight repo, which suits investors who seek liquidity, and generates an income with savings reserved for daily use. Due to carrying very short term fixed-return instruments, high return potential is limited.

You can perform your Liquid Fund purchase-sale transactions through the Online Banking Investments menu Mutual Fund Transactions step.


Fund name: ING Bank A.Ş. Type B Liquid Fund

Fund Type Description: Liquid fund is a mutual fund for which the entire portfolio must continually consist of high-liquidity capital market instruments with no more than 180 days to maturity and a weighted average maturity of no more than 45 days.

Strategy: The Liquid Fund is managed to maintain a weighted average maturity of no more than 45 days with a diversified portfolio containing short-term, high-liquidity Treasury Bills and overnight repo.

Investor Profile: Investors who prefer short-term investments due to liquidity needs while also seeking to obtain a regular income.

Minimum transaction amount: 1 share and multiples

Benchmark of the fund: 73% KYD Gross Repo Index + 25% KYD TL Bill Index – 91-day + 1% Private Sector Bonds Fixed + 1% Private Sector Bonds Variable

Terms of transaction: Purchase and sale transactions can be performed 24 hours during business days except between the hours of 16:00-17:00. For transactions performed between 13:45 on a business day until 08:30 the next business day, a 50.000 TL limit is in effect.

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