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 ING Accumulating Gold Account

ING Accumulating Gold Account

With ING Accumulating Gold Account, you can securely build up savings by placing an order from your ING Credit Card or current account without the risk of your gold being lost or stolen.

To get detailed information or to open an account, you can visit our nearest branch.


  • The TL amount that you want to save from your current account on a monthly basis is converted to grams at the gold price determined by our Bank on the payment date you have specified, and transferred to your ING Current Gold Account.
  • The monthly amount that you want to save from your ING credit card is added to the minimum payment amount on your statement, converted to grams and transferred to your ING Current Gold Account when the minimum payment is made.
  • You can assign different names to each of your accounts that you have opened to build up savings towards different objectives, and track your savings.
*In accordance with the “Regulation on Deposits and Participation Funds Subject to Insurance and Premiums Collected by Savings Deposit Insurance Fund” published in the official Gazette number 26339 dated 07/11/2006; For individual accounts -where commercial transactions are excluded with the exception of checking activities- opened in domestic branches of a credit institution that operates in Türkiye, in forms of Turkish Lira, foreign exchange currency and precious metals accounts, principal plus the interest of the savings deposit accounts are insured up to 100.000 TL per each individual.
**In purchase-sale transactions of the customers, prevailing gold prices in gram and ounce on İstanbul Gold Exchange will be in effect. Gold prices fluctuate according to the market conditions and foreign currency exchange rates. Therefore, as the amount in your Gold Account will change, the TL amount deposited to your account may appreciate in value or drop below the principal.
***Within the scope of ING Gold Account, gold purchase-sale transactions are performed on record, and physical delivery is not possible.