We take precautions against coronavirus for public health.

We, as ING Turkey, attach importance to health of our customers and the society, and we take all sensible precautions against the spread of coronavirus affecting whole world. In addition to these measures we take, we put in place a number of practices to ensure non-interruption of banking transactions. 

We take our customers to the branches in an order, and try to keep the number of customers in the branch at a certain level. We kindly request from you to leave a distance between you and the other people in the branch. 

We would like to remind you that you can also use ATMs, Internet Banking and ING Mobile for many of the transactions performed at branches. 

We increase the frequency of cleaning of the branches and ATMs. 

We increase the daily limit of money that you can withdraw from our ATMs with your Orange Extra Card to TL 10.000.

We grant the right to withdraw money free-of-charge from all common ATMs in Turkey until the 31st of March. 

We would like to remind you that you can make contactless payment for up to TL 250 of your shopping amounts, and that you can make loan payment or withdraw money via QR code from ATMs. 

We wish to overcome the difficulties together. We wish you healthy days.