Come to ING Credit Point at FujiFilm stores, and start using your loan with 36 months term option.

Application, Issuance and Repayment

  1. Send SMS: Type your TC Identification Number and the application code that appears on the Cash Card that you will get from FujiFilm stores by leaving a space in between, and send it to 2229 by SMS. (e.g.: TC IDENTIFICATION NO CODE)
  2. Verify your identity card: After receiving your application approval on your mobile phone by SMS, verify your identity card at ING Bank Service Desk at FujiFilm stores and sign your agreement.
  3. Use your loan: Your loan is ready! Pay the amount you have spent for your purchases from FujiFilm right away. You can immediately shop with the available amount in the Cash Card that you have used for your application, and withdraw your money from any ATM or our branches.
  4. Repayment: You can pay your loan installments through Online Banking, our ATM's or our nearest branch.

Campaign Conditions

  • From TRY 750 to TRY 40,000 you can use your credit with up to 36 month loan term choices.
  • Loan allocation fee and life insurance are not required.

Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Term (Months) Monthly Installment Amount Total Repayment Amount Filing Fee, Commission, Insurance  Interest Rate Monthly Total Cost Rate Annual Total Cost Rate
TRY 750 TL 12 TRY 72 TRY 888 TRY 0 1.90% 2.2800% 27.3600%
TRY 5.000 18 TRY 351 TRY 6.314 TRY 0 2.15% 2.5800%
TRY 10.000 24 TRY 579 TRY 13.898 TRY 0 2.35% 2.8200%
TRY 25.000 36 TRY 1.145 TRY 41.223 TRY 0 2.50% 3.0000%
TRY 40.000 48 TRY 1.636 TRY 78.533 TRY 0 2.65% 3.1800%

* ING Bank reserves the right to change the interest rate, the content and the duration of the campaign in accordance with prevailing conditions, to require a guarantor when necessary and to reject the loan applications deemed ineligible.