The Supplemental Health Insurance is an insurance product that covers your additional expenses other than the treatment coverage covered by the Social Security Institution (SSI) within the private health institutions. You shall receive the high standard health services without paying the difference fee out of your own pocket within the private healthcare institutions contracted with the Supplemental Health Insurance.

Why should I take out the ING Supplemental Health Insurance?
  • ING Supplemental Health Insurance provides you with a high standard of treatment within the contracted institutions in case of any possible disease. 
  • You may have your policy made an installment plan through your credit card, and you may benefit from an additional 4% discount for cash payments. 
  • You may have an inpatient or outpatient treatment without performing any additional payment within the over 500 hospitals situated throughout Turkey. 
  • You may procure the online physician, dietitian and psychological counseling free of charge. 
  • You shall not pay additional fees, which are not covered under your SSI insurance, with respect to treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) within the pandemic hospitals available in the contracted hospital network based on the jest practice. (Except for the diagnostic tests). 
  • You shall benefit from a 5% discount from the policy value with respect to your family members who wish to take out the ING Supplemental Health Insurance.
Moreover, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) treatment, which will be performed within the pandemic hospitals available in the contracted hospital network, shall be covered under the policy.

The list of the over 500 contracted health institutions, which are situated in the 61 provinces throughout Turkey, is provided here.

You may file your apply with our nearest branch in order to have your policy prepared. 

* The Supplemental Health Insurance is provided through the agency of Zurich Sigorta. ING is the agent of Zurich Insurance.