To obtain secure returns on your TL and foreign currency savings...

What is a Time Deposit Account?

A Time Deposit Account will enable you to utilize your savings in the most risk-free manner. You can earn deposit interest by investing your cash in a Time Deposit Account.

You can make use of the Deposit Interest Calculation Tool for calculating the time deposit interest and see the interest rates on time deposits.

How to Open a Time Deposit Account?

It is too simple to open a Time Deposit Account with ING!

The Time Deposit Account in TRY, you will open through the Online Banking or Telephone Banking, will enable you to carry interest with the advantageous rates!
Besides, the account, you will open through the Online Banking, will be renewed automatically at the maturity term with the advantageous interest rate exclusive to the Online Banking. Thus, you will not need to think about the interest rates on the time deposit account!

You can readily open your time deposit account by clicking the Application > Accounts > Time Deposit Account menu on the Online Banking, or through the Telephone Banking, or visiting our nearest branch.


  • The advantageous interest rates will provide you with the opportunity to utilize your savings in the most profitable manner. 
  • The limit for opening a time deposit account in TRY is minimum TRY 5.000. 
  • Any foreign currency time deposit account may be opened by making use of various maturity term alternatives. The limit for opening a foreign currency time deposit account is USD 2.000, and EUR 2.000. 
  • You will be able to withdraw cash from the account up to 20% of the time deposit balance without breaking the maturity, provided that any such withdrawal will be only for 2 times within the same maturity period. Interest will continue to be accrued on the balance remaining after the performance of the cash withdrawal transaction*. 
  • Any e-Time Deposit Account, either in TRY, USD or EUR, you will open through the Internet Branch, will be effective for the maturities starting from 1 year and ending upon 1 year. 
  • Any Time Deposit Account, opened at any branch, can be transformed into e-Term Account at the respective maturity date. 
*In case of any line change as a result of the cash withdrawal, the interest rate may be decreased as based on the line in which the remaining balance is included.

Deposit Interest Calculator

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