ING Accumulating Orange Account

ING Accumulating Orange Account

By placing an automatic payment order from your current account, ING Bonus Card or ING Pegasus BolBol Card, you can save regularly while earning interest without worrying about terms.

You can place your order now through Online Banking ING Accumulating Orange Account menu!


  • Monthly orders can be placed from ING Current Account, ING Bonus Card or ING Pegasus Plus Card.
  • In orders placed from Current Account, the amount is transferred to ING Orange Account at the end of the day and starts accruing interest the next day.
  • In orders placed from ING Bonus Card and ING Pegasus Plus Card, the amount specified is added to the minimum payment amount, and transferred to ING Orange Account on the payment due date of the credit card. 
  • In the case that the credit card statement is not paid, the amount transferred to Orange Account is refunded to the card, and no overdue interest is applied.
  • In the case that there is a problem in the automatic payment order, the available balance in ING Orange Account continues to earn interest.

ING Orange Account Calculator

Term (Days)
  • Capital
  • Term Day
  • Net Amount on Maturity Date
  • Interest Rate %
*Specified interest rates are valid up to 250.000 TL. In the case that the total balance exceeds this amount within the period calculated, 4% interest rate will be applied for the exceeding amount.