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Deposit – Finding out an IBAN

IBAN Verification
  • To get your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) information, only contact our bank.
  • Persons, institutions and organizations, other than banks, are not authorized to provide you with the IBAN information of your account.
  • Transactions such as queries, changes and notifications regarding your identification, card, account/IBAN, PIN information and similar personal, financial or confidential information are not made by e-mail under no circumstances. Please disregard these kinds of messages even if they include the ING Bank name and visual.

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I accept, declare and undertake that the International Bank Account Number – IBAN written above has been notified to me, I have been informed regarding the use of this IBAN in money transfers that will be made from/to my accounts at your Bank, I am responsible for the use of the IBAN, and that your Bank will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise due to incomplete or incorrect entry of the aforesaid IBAN in money transfers made by me or the senders, and I will not make any demands from your Bank.