Casco Insurance

Casco Insurance

With Casco Insurance, you can secure both your personal vehicle and your company vehicle against risks such as theft, accidents, and fire.

To instantly get your policy, you can make your application through our nearest branch.


  • Coverages: 
    • Collision, tilt over
    • Fire
    • Theft
    • Cigarette and similar burns
    • Tow-away damages
    • Strike, lockout, civil commotions and terrorism
    • Earthquake
    • Flood
    • Value appreciation deduction exemption
    • Optional financial liability
    • Individual accident
    • Compensation for key loss damages
    • Legal protection
    • Emergency service
    • Inflation protection clause
    • Small repair
    • New value clause
  • You can pay your premiums from your credit card or account, in lump-sum or in installments.
* Casco Insurance policies are issued by Zurich Insurance.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's 
  • Commercial companies