Mandatory Traffic Insurance

Mandatory Traffic Insurance

Every vehicle operated in traffic is legally required to have traffic insurance. Your insurance will compensate the amount that you will be legally responsible for in the case that you have an accident while driving your car.

To instantly get your insurance policy for your personal or company vehicle, you can make your application through our nearest branch.


  • Coverages: 
    • Financial coverage
    • Treatment expenses coverage
    • Death coverage
    • Disability
  • You can pay your premiums from your credit card or account, in lump-sum or in installments.
* Every vehicle operated in traffic is required to have traffic insurance in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law of the Republic of Türkiye.
* Mandatory Traffic Insurance policies are issued by Axa, Allianz and Zurich Insurance.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's 
  • Commercial companies