SME Insurance Package

SME Insurance Package

With SME Insurance Package, meet all the insurance needs of your business with a single policy, and be at ease.

To have your policy issued, you can make your application through our nearest branch.


  • Coverages:
    • Earthquake
    • Fire
    • Theft
    • Flood
    • Machine breakdown
    • Legal protection
    • Breach of trust
    • Business interruption
    • Individual accident
  • Other advantages:
    • Opportunity to take advantage of Zurich Insurance Corporate Support Services 24 hours and 7 days
    • Discounts according to payment alternatives
    • Glass breakage, safe box, electronic device, machine breakdown, breach of trust, and money transportation coverages for which you determine the limits
    • With business interruption and bankruptcy due to permanent disability coverages, protection against risks that may arise in circumstances when the business cannot operate
    • Prices varying based on class of activity
    • Coverage for items belonging to third parties which may be present in the business premises
    • New value clause
    • Protection against inflation
  • You can pay your premiums from your credit card or account, in lump-sum or in installments.

* SME Insurance Package policies are issued by Zurich Insurance.

Who can take advantage of this product?

  • SME's